Develop a Repertoire on the Native American Flute

About Develop a Repertoire on the Native American Flute

Participants are assigned considerable homework between each class. Learn to categorize songs and musical ideas. Consideration of the effects of flutes in different keys will be presented. Learn about many flute music resources from which you will build your repertoire list.

Week One

• Establish categories of music
• Internet resources
• Homework assignment

Week Two

• How to handle overlapping categories
• Taking freedoms and stretching out music
• Matching music to the desired outcome

Week Three

• Identifying preferred categories
• Establishing goals for printouts and downloads
• Organization systems to consider

Week Four

• The vast category of improvisation
• Paper-based vs. electronic
• Flutes keys considered

This class is limited to 20 students.

Age Range


Skill Level

Intermediate to advanced. Proficient with the material in the NAF Introductory Course. Already able to read and write Nakai Tab.


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The class will meet for four weekly 55-min live online sessions on Saturdays at 11 am ET | 9:00 am AZ | 8 am PT | 17:00 UTC on the schedule below. The first session is on December 3.
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Enrolled students receive lifetime access to the video recordings of the classes.

11:00 AM - 11:55 AM EST
Develop a Repertoire on the Native American Flute
Ami Sarasvati

How It Works

Students can connect to the online platform using a tablet or computer with reliable internet. To actively participate online students also need a webcam with microphone. The class is covered by the Lessonface Guarantee.

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Ami Sarasvati

Ami Sarasvati

Native American Style Flute Teacher *2020-2023* Teacher of the Year for Native American Style Flute*

Students Say

Christine G. on March 16, 2022
Class: Learn to Play the Native American Flute: Introductory Course

So happy that I took Amy's beginners NAF class. The first lesson made it worth my while and the rest were gravy. I successfully close the finger holes and no longer squeak or whistle my way when playing. Signed up for intermediate lessons. Thanks, Amy for your kind and thorough approach.

Gail H. on March 5, 2022
Class: Musician's Heart Journey

This course was more than I expected. I don't consider myself to be that musical, but having picked up the Native American Flute in my 50s and found Ami as my instructor, I was curious about this other course she offered. The insightful part for me was that Ami combines her musical expertise and her experience and training in guided journaling to help uncover some things that can keep us from a full expression of our musical selves. An ah-ha for me came when I realized an early memory of my own was playing the piano by ear as a kid. It was fun for me and I was uninhibited…until an older neighbor boy made a comment to my parents that I was "entertaining the neighborhood." Our piano lived in the garage, my own little amphitheater. Once I realized that, my shy introverted self all but stopped playing. I'd never have thought of that as a possible influence when I picked up a flute 40 years later, enchanted by its soulful tones and connection to my home in the Southwest. But then I couldn't look past a pattern I'd missed, realizing that I was only practicing my flute in those stolen moments when even my very supportive husband wasn't home. You may not find me perched atop the Boynton canyon "entertaining the neighborhood" with my flute, but in bringing that old imprint into the light, I feel free of it should i choose to. All of that from just one of these lessons in this program. Come in with an open mind and heart and see what unfolds for you. Wherever you are on your journey and whatever role music may have in your life, I bet you'll walk away with a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for the layers of richness it adds to your world.

Cathie D. on February 23, 2022
Class: Musician's Heart Journey

LOVED this class. Ami has orgnized things so there is not a moment wasted. I now have new skills for journaling that are going to change everything for me. I am really looking forward to learning the last piece of this program and then to move forward with what I'm sure will be amazing tools to work with.

Debbie . on February 23, 2022
Class: Musician's Heart Journey

Ami is an amazing Native American flute player and teacher. She really draws you into the program and goes deep into the learning. I love having classes with her I started with her in 2014 And I am fortunate to be training with her again.

Verified Student on February 19, 2022
Class: Learn to Play the Native American Flute: Introductory Course


jerry on February 18, 2022
Class: Learn to Play the Native American Flute: Introductory Course

great start

Jerry R. on January 31, 2022
Class: Learn to Play the Native American Flute: Introductory Course

Great, gave me a huge amount of self confidence. Looking forward to learn as much as possible. Thank you

Joyce K. on January 15, 2022
Class: Learn to Play the Native American Flute: Introductory Course

I understand so much more then I never imagined. Much of my confusion is clearing, just have to practice, practice, practice...put the miles on to hear the sweetness that is possible.

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