Get Started on a Supported Spindle with Jill Duarte

About Get Started on a Supported Spindle with Jill Duarte

A hands-on introduction to the world of spinning on supported spindles. We will go over the different types of supported spindles and their traditional uses - tahkli, Pu-Yok Tibetan styles, Russian, and more. We will discuss how to pair spindles to a particular fiber type, and the importance of fiber preparation for spinning on supported spindles. Students will be instructed in how to long draw on a supported spindle - starting with park and draft, how to manage drafting and their fiber supply and ensuring that you’ve created a stable single with an appropriate amount of twist. How to manage the winding on of singles and building a stable cop on the spindle will also be discussed. Students will be provided with a HipStrings tahkli style supported spindle and spinning dish, along with a sampler of different fibers well suited for supported spindling.

Materials, Equipment, and Supplies the Student Must Bring to Class

All supplies will be provided by the instructor. Students are welcome to bring a supported spindle and spinning surface, if they have one but all students will learn on the spindle provided.

Materials Fee (to be paid directly to the instructor) and Kit Description

$50 - includes a HipStrings Tahkli-style supported spindle, spinning bowl, a sampler of fibers suitable for supported spindling



Skill Level

Suitable for all

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Single 3-hour session on Friday, May 3, at 9 am ET.

Class Location

Howard County Arts Council – Conference Room

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Get Started on a Supported Spindle with Jill Duarte
Jill Duarte

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Jill Duarte

    Jill Duarte spends their days geeking out about all things fiber, diving into the nuances of fiber preparation, color, and the act of spinning. As co-owner of HipStrings, Jill is dedicated to the resurgence of modern craft that is based on a foundation of technical and historical knowledge. This approach is reflected in the fiber, yarn and tools they’ve developed and produce. Jill shares their insights as a regular contributor to PLY magazine, with the goal of making the technical aspects of craft accessible to all.

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