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Jazz Sessions for the Ukulele

July Jazz Lab

Learn 7th-Chord Fundamentals.

In this workshop, you will learn the theory behind all the basic 7th-chord inversions and how to apply them over the entire neck of the ukulele. We will use these shapes to play turnaround progressions commonly found in thousands of songs from many styles, transposed into every key. Then, we’ll apply these new tools directly to three popular songs from different eras. 

How it works:

  • There will be 3 live hours of instruction overall - two 90 minute sessions on two Sundays in September.
  • The sessions will happen directly through your computer. 
  • Classes will include a mix of live video streaming, tabs, and exercises.
  • The live, scheduled sessions will be recorded and viewable by enrolled students within 48 hours of the broadcast.
  • Khabu will take questions in the classes, and also be available by email for follow-up questions.
  • You will receive session login instructions as least one business day before each session is scheduled to begin.
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Seminar Syllabus


Sunday, September 22, 2p-3:30p EST

  • how 7th chords are built & relate to the major scale
  • the four natural 7th-chord qualities & the four inversions
  • how to transpose the basic shapes along the fretboard
  • using the circle of 4ths
  • question and answer

Sunday, September 29, 2p-3:30p EST

  • how to use the chord shapes to play a basic turnaround (1-6-2-5)
  • how to transpose the basic turnaround into all 12 keys
  • variations on the basic turnaround
  • applying the turnaround shapes to three popular songs
  • question and answer