Keith Underwood Articulation Flute Seminar

Keith Underwood Master Class


This 75 minute seminar focuses on how articulation leads to better sound, including working on famous tongued passages and with examples that influenced Underwood's approach. 

This class happened on November 29, 2016, and is now available to view as a recording. Enrolled students will have lifetime access to the session recordings. As an additional bonus, course enrollees will also receive access to recordings of Keith Underwood's recent Master Class at the Bloomingdale School of Music which was also recorded in front of a live in-person and online audience, in October 2016. 


​Renowned flutist and educator Keith Underwood has been an active flutist in New York musical life for three decades. Underwood serves on the faculties of Mannes School of Music, New York University and Queens College. Each year he travels internationally to Japan, Mexico, Italy, Brazil and London to teach workshops and perform.

Underwood’s students hold positions with America’s major orchestras including the the Boston Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, to name just a few. Globally, his students are members of orchestras in Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico and  Brazil. Students from all over the world travel to Keith’s studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for lessons, especially when an important audition is pending.

As a performer, Underwood has appeared with New York’s most prominent musical organizations including the New York Philharmonic, New York Chamber Symphony, the Orpheus Ensemble, the Orchestra of St. Luke's. He is solo flutist with the Parnassus and Musical Elements, Jazz Antiqu, the Arcadia Baroque Ensemble, Ufonia and  the Riverside Symphony. Underwood has recorded with such diverse artists as Benjamin Verdery, Celine Dion, Kathleen Battle, Rod Stewart, Bobby McFerrin, and Anthony Newman.  

Keith is pictured with seminar attendee Sophia at the right.


This class is available to stream. A new class with Keith is enrolling now - click here to learn more.

The live class occurred on November 29, 2016, and is now available for immediate viewing in its recorded form.

Advanced beginners to advanced students ages 14 and up.

This class was taught from Michiko Studios in midtown Manhattan to an in-studio and live online audience. Students were able to attend by physically coming into the studio OR by joining over the Lessonface high performing video conference platform. The class is now available for immediate viewing upon registration and enrollment. To proceed, choose the Enroll button above.


Enrollees in the upcoming seminar will as a bonus receive immediate access to the recordings from Underwood's recent class of 10/30/16, where he covers several topics including techniques for easing tension and stress, whispering, and tongue positioning. 

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