The Lessonface Brazilian Flute Orchestra - August 2020

At this time when we are striving for togetherness, and creating new ways of making music together... what could be better than an online flute orchestra? This will be an on-going ensemble, with monthly projects. This format guarantees flexibility for the students and long life to the group.
The Brazilian Flute Orchestra will be 100% dedicated to Brazilian music genres (samba, choro, bossa nova, frevo, classical Brazilian). Orchestra conductor Celina Charlier will address flute technique, breathing, sonority, and ensemble playing applied to repertoire, as well as teach how to best interpret each style. Previous experience in Brazilian music is not necessary. This is part of the learning outcome.

All flutes welcomed (piccolo, C flute, alto, bass). A few talented musicians from other instruments may join the flute orchestra to add color to it (electric or acoustic guitar or bass, piano, percussion), by approval from the instructor. Contact Celina with questions.

The Orchestra will first meet Tuesday, August 4th. In the introductory class, students should be prepared to play any short music excerpt of their choice. There will be general instructions on the whole process, and some interaction so that everyone may get acquainted.

Skill Level

Open to students, adult amateurs, and young professionals with at least 2 years experience with the flute, and the ability to read music score


The Brazilian Flute Orchestra will meet once a week through Zoom for a master class in which orchestra conductor Celina Charlier will give instructions for each flutist on how to play and record their parts. All classes will be recorded and made available for all students to consult for your individual practice. Orchestra members will join for a month at a time. All enrollment options cover four rehearsals, the student musical parts, and the final recording of the performance which you can share with the world!

The orchestra offers sliding scale enrollment options. Choose your pricing level from the following:

 Suggested per student:$159
Discounted per student: $99
Minimum per student: $29

By enrolling for the price you can afford, you can make music education more accessible for others. Learn more about how Lessonface Classes work here.

Orchestra Schedule

The Lessonface Brazilian Flute Orchestra will meet for 4 live online rehearsals in July on the following schedule:

Tuesdays, 7-9 pm EDT | 4-6 pm PDT | 23:00-01:00 UTC.

• August 4
• August 11
• August 18
• August 25

How It Works

Students can connect to the online platform using a tablet or computer with reliable internet. Students in the orchestra also need to have an iOS device, iPad or iPhone, to record their parts. To actively participate in rehearsals online students also need a webcam with microphone. Your enrollment is covered by the Lessonface Guarantee

Signed up already? Click here.

Celina Charlier Flute Orchestra Photo

About Celina Charlier

Celina Charlier is a Brazilian flutist , living in New York for almost 20 years. She holds an international concert career, having performed professionally since 1989, as a chamber musician, orchestra musician and soloist, throughout Brazil, USA, Italy, France, Malta, Switzerland, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Sri Lanka and the United Arabic Emirates. Her repertoire encompasses from Early Music to electronic avant garde, including Brazilian genres. She taught for 16 years at New York University, and put together from scratch the entire music program for NYU Abu Dhabi, the first global university. At NYUAD, she was the Director of Music Performance, until 2015, when she made her way back to the Western world and has focused on performing, teaching, and recording.

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