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Duane Denison and Brian Kotzur Play Alongs Graphic

The play-along songs in this collection are original tunes from Duane Denison and Brian Kotzur based on various styles from the past and present. The objective is to give players a chance to work on different elements of guitar while playing along with pre-recorded instrumental tracks. Each song has a corresponding chart which provides all the necessary details in treble clef, tablature, and chord symbols. Verbal notes are also included, detailing the stylistic origins of each track and imparting some practical playing tips.

Tracks Included:
1) West Side
2) M.C. Style
3) Byzantine Boogie
4) Dub Town
5) Grunge City
6) Diddley-Dee
7) Windy City
8) Drop Down
9) Zig Zag
10) Indie H.C.
11) Bloozy Shuffle

The material on this album is meant to provide a framework for players to develop their own style and technique. Some players will want to start by simply playing along with the rhythm section and setting a solid foundation. For others, these tracks provide an opportunity to improvise and work on solos and parts in a structured setting similar to an actual recording session. In addition to the complete play-along track, each song has an alternate version where Denison plays an improvised “example” part over the track.

Preview Lessonface Tracks and Charts, Song 1: West Side

Download Chart: PDF icon westside.pdf

West Side Play-along: 

Duane's Example: 

Key center: A major
Tempo and feel: Fast 4/4 rock, upbeat and energetic

The title “West Side” refers to the pop/punk style commonly found among bands from the West Coast of the US from the 90’s onwards. A strong melodic sensibility defines this genre. The tonality is mostly major throughout, though minor chords appear in alternation at the end of the (A) and (B) sections. The Mixolydian mode is a good choice when soloing in a major key rock setting. Notice how on the second time around, the (A) section is played an octave higher on the rhythm guitar and the drums play in “cut time” before returning to the original feel of the song in the (B) section.

When soloing, try to maintain a smooth, melodic flow while negotiating the chord changes as they go by. Single-note phrases mixed with double stops sound good in this style of tune.

Bass and drum intro
(A) x 2
(B) x 1
(A) x 1
(C) x 1
(D) x 2
Repeat entire form and play (D) x 4 at end


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