Scales & Arpeggios with Hector Crespo

About Scales & Arpeggios with Hector Crespo

Interested in learning scales but not sure where to start? This class covering major scales offers a great foundation for any aspiring musician! Learn what makes a scale major, the different major scales you'll encounter, and how to keep track of key signatures. Pianists will have the chance to learn fingerings for different major scales.

Students may find the visualization of the piano keyboard helpful in the learning process (any playable piano app is great), though it's not a requirement.

Class Goals

- Learn what makes a scale major
- Learn the difference between major scales with sharps or those with flats
- Learn about key signatures
- Learn the best fingerings to help you play major scales more easily

Age Range


Skill Level

Beginner+ (It's helpful to be able to read music, but with a pencil and some patience you'll be fine!)


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Weekly 30-min sessions on Tuesdays, at 4 pm ET | 1 pm PT | 21:00 UTC.
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4:00 PM - 4:55 PM EDT
Scales & Arpeggios with Hector Crespo
Hector Crespo

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Hector Crespo

Hector Crespo


Instrumentalist: guitar, mandolin, ukulele, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, voice teacher.  Composer, Performer, and Studio Musician for over 25 years. 

Héctor Crespo studied music at Hochstein School of Music, Brockport State University, Nazareth University, and Roberts Wesleyan College.  All of which are located in the New York State area.  He moved to Southern California where he expanded his musical studies at Cal State Long Beach and Cal State San Bernardino where he graduated,  

In previous years, he has taught music at public and private schools.  He ha...

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