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10 Reasons Why Teaching on Lessonface is Awesome

  1.  No more traveling for lessons - no gas money, no waiting in traffic, no getting stuck on the A train. Also, no awkward in-home studio experience - you log in, log out.  It’s as simple as that.
  2.  It’s better than Skype - the quality, the features, the personal space.
  3.  You’re in control of your own rates and your own schedule, you also decide what to teach. It’s all you baby! 
  4.  Lessonface takes the lowest fees in the market for this service - 15% of your lesson rate. AND if Lessonface rolls out promotions - your pay does not get affected by it! 
  5.  Your time is money & Lessonface enforces a 24-hour cancellation policy. If the student  can’t make it, they forgot to cancel -- you still get what your time is worth. *But you do have the choice to move the lesson anytime if you decide to do so. 
  6.  Pay guaranteed for the lessons you book through Lessonface -- no more chasing students or parents for what you deserve -- we got it covered!
  7.  You can offer a lesson package for discount prices: 5+ lesson for 5% off, 10+ for 10% off and so on. It’s a small price to pay for guaranteed lessons for weeks! (And it’s at your option)
  8.  We do on-going promotions and we always welcome our teachers to be involved - from articles to YouTube tutorials. We’ve had features in Forbes, Guitar World, Ultimate Guitar, News 12 Brooklyn, AltPress etc and we have a Youtube Channel with almost 100k subscribers!
  9.  We have a whole platform of communication dedicated for you and your students. That means no Facebook messages, no personal emails and all your teaching business stays in one place, no need to get your personal social-media life involved.
  10.  You have us! At the office, at the chat box and for any kind of support - we’re here to help you do what you love  and enjoy it!

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