Lessonface x Christian Howes

We are excited to announce our partnership with Christian Howes, a distinguished violinist and educator. This collaboration promises an array of educational string offerings, designed to enrich your musical journey. Join Christian's Play-Along Improvisation Mini-Workshop on November 30th and December 2nd to learn approaches to improvisation that can help you immediately. Starting on January 14th, 2024, Mr. Howes will be offering a 7-week online string workshop designed to help students become more versatile, creative and confident musicians.

What to expect from a Lessonface x Christian Howes collaboration:

Lessonface is committed to delivering an assortment of violin workshops, group classes, master classes, and private lessons with Mr. Howes. Our dedication to providing exceptional instructors for our students is core to our mission, and Mr. Howes is no exception. Mr. Howes brings a wealth of experience to our educational platform. 

Christian Howes' 7-week online course has been well received for years by students and teachers alike, fostering confidence, creativity, and versatility on the violin.

What students should expect from his 7-week course:

String students will gain a well-defined structure that will significantly enhance their foundational skills in improvisation, harmony, and rhythm across various musical styles. These skills will empower students to collaborate seamlessly with other musicians and confidently present your creative compositions.

What teachers should expect from his 7-week course:

Teachers can anticipate acquiring invaluable skills that are directly applicable to their students' unique interests. The course is designed to elevate student engagement, promote diversity in musical education, encourage independent learning, and facilitate adherence to national standards pertaining to improvisation, composition, arranging, and eclectic musical styles.

Why Lessonface?

Lessonface caters to learners of all ages and skill levels. With over a decade of operational experience, we have continuously improved our platform by incorporating new features to enhance the experience of online lessons.

Our Mission is to connect curious students with their ideal instructor, wherever they are in the world, inspiring expertise, enrichment, and joy. We are a lean team so the vast majority of your tuition can go to your teacher. Read more about the story and staff.

We look forward to embarking on this educational journey with you. Should you have any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@lessonface.com. Thank you for choosing Lessonface!

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