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Upcoming Group Guitar Classes

Easy Christmas Guitar with Lisa McCormick

Two live class options on December 8 and 12, 2015. Learn more.

Harmonic and Melodic Exercises with Duane Denison

Three session series starting January 26, 2016. Learn more.

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Student Testimonials

The course was awesome. For me, it was the best money I ever spent on classes. And it was my first time with online lessons. Steve is a great teacher, he plans every minute of the lesson. His concepts are deep, meaningful while they are simple. He explains in a really clear and direct way, he is very good with teaching and an awesome musician.

What more should I say? Get a course or lesson with Steve, you won't regret it!

Sincerely, Bruno.

-Bruno, March 3, 2014, upon completion of the Soloing Players Series classes 

Rock Fundamentals / Lessonface. I must say, for a first time user this was beyond my expectations. Live lesson with the ability to review them on-line anytime, anywhere with question and answers at the end of each lesson. The instructor Steve Stine has a unique teaching style with an objective to reach with every lesson building on the next. I cannot say enough about Steve. For those of you looking to learn from one of the best. Look no further. Lessonface continues to enhance their customers experience while seeking input and updating accordingly to meet customer expectations. I was very pleased with the recent upgrade they did. The download was less than 2 minutes. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes. The ability to view the instructor and tablature in separate screens while having the options to resize and position to my needs is a really nice feature. It must be quick while holding a guitar…. The addition of more icons makes it much easier to navigate through the different options. Its obvious Lessonface is listening to their users who are a key part of their success. Polite, knowledgeable technicians that react immediately to any issues or concerns you may have. Prompt reply’s with clear and concise direction. Overall, outstanding results from my first lesson on. Thank you again Lessonface and Steve Stine.

-Bravo Trovato, February 6, 2014, upon completion of the Rock Fundamentals Players Series classes


I just wanted to say thank you for the classes over the last four weeks. They just got progressively better. The last few weeks and tonight especially you really opened up many things for me that I know are going to have a significant and ongoing impact on my playing.

Many thanks for clarifying so much with the ideas you used in the second week, reinforced last week and then just opened up totally tonight with the ‘magic’ 9th!

- Brian Furlong, March 1, 2014, upon completion of the Soloing Players Series classes

The class was awesome! I received excellent instruction and learned a lot of techniques and ideas to take my playing to the next level. Steve is so talented and knowledgable in music and guitar, and knows how to teach it in a way that is understandable. And his tips and comments that he shares about his experiences in his guitar playing journey are a bonus. That's just a reminder that he's been where his students are now, and that he cares to help us accomplish our goals in this journey.

- Lisa Brown, March 2, 2014, upon completion of the Rock & Soloing Players Series classes

Very good lessons on minor pent scale and positions - that helped me a lot!."

-Robert R, March 2, 2014, upon completion of the Soloing Players Series classes

I want to thank Steve Stine for helping me to become the guitarist that I have always wanted to be. Steve's teaching style is extremely informative and easy to understand. Since I have been attending the sessions, Steve has provided several "Aha Moments" for me where I finally get the concepts.

-Michael Shaughnessy, March 2, 2014, upon completion of the Soloing Players Series classes

I have really enjoyed the Lessonface guitar lessons.  Not only was the customer service outstanding but the guitar teacher, Steve Stine, was tremendous answering our questions and explaining the concepts of guitar playing.  Steve took the mystery out of becoming an excellent guitarist and explained things in a way that I had never understood before.  I am really happy to be continuing on taking lessons with Steve at Lessonface which are so convenient to make online.  I would also like to mention that Claire and Ashford are readily available to offer assistance with the technology.

-Michael Shaughnessy, February 3, 2014, upon completion of the Rock Fundamentals Players Series classes



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