Anne McGoldrick

Classical Voice, Guitar for Singers, Jazz Voice, Music History, Music Theory, Musical Theatre, Piano for Singers, Pop Voice, R&B Voice, Voice

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Anne McGoldrick has over 5 years of experience based in New York as a professional soprano, choral director, voice teacher and board-certified music therapist. She has sung as a cantor in various catholic and protestant churches over the years, and worked as a children's choir director, pianist and guitarist in those parishes as well. She most recently sung in world premiere of the opera, Gracchus, in Stamford, CT in Summer 2023.

She currently studies under Met Opera baritone, Kyle Pfortmiller, and completed her BS in Music Therapy at Molloy University with a classical voice primary, studying under the likes of Kyle Pfortmiller, Jacob Narverud, Mark Moorman and Diane Griffin. There, she studied classical, operatic and musical theatre voice, guitar, piano, percussion, ukulele, flute, music theory, music therapy, music history, improvisation and world music extensively. She is currently scheduled to graduate with her MS in Music Therapy from SUNY New Paltz in 2024.

My style of teaching is creating a warm, welcoming and unconditionally accepting space to sing, fail, succeed, worry, laugh and explore their own singing voices in the safe space of our voice lessons. As I also am a music therapist, I have worked extensively with individuals who may have not succeeded in traditional learning spaces and those with special needs and I welcome those students of all kinds to create the goals and intentions for their voice lessons that they wish to achieve.

I value and emphasize healthy vocal production and breathing, warm-ups and the implementation of music theory education. I aim to work with the students to create their goals together and take the lessons in the direction they want to, from pop music, to school musical theater audition prep, classical voice college auditions, to learning that church solo, finally picking up the hobby after retirement or even just wanting to impress your friends at karaoke, or even your dog! After establishing their goals, we will work on songs together that match their goals, while never forgetting vocal health and having fun. I have taught individuals who span many genres, ability levels, ages, and goals, and I am happy to work with anyone for whatever their reasons or stage in life!

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