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Bisan Toron is an internationally acclaimed vocal artist and voice teacher.  She studied classical voice performance at NYU and holds a masters in Ethnomusicology from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies. She did further studies in voice and improvisation with the Roy Hart-based company, Pantheatre in Paris, France. Her music is informed by a multitude of cultures and vocal traditions, which she threads with vocal articulations that arise from the moment. Her debut CD is entitled Backstage Reveries, Voice Sketches by Bisan Toron and her second album, Toward the Roar, was released in 2015. Bisan was the featured vocalist on the soundtrack for the acclaimed film, NYsferatu, which she performed live at the 2017 Rome Film Festival.  Bisan was voice professor at ESADIB, National College of Dramatic Arts in Mallorca, Spain from 2008-2010. Currently, she teaches master classes, workshops and private lessons independently across Europe and the United States. She currently resides in Richmond, VA.

"In my opinion Bisan Toron is a miracle worker.  I don't think I have ever seen anyone teach with so much wisdom, clarity, and energy.  We will be having Bisan back many times in the future.  She does more than teach music.  She changes lives."   - Justin Nielsen, Director, Creative Music Academy

My method is suited for complete beginners as well as professionals,  adapting to each student's pace of learning. My teaching style can be described as clear, patient, warm and meticulous.  While guiding students into an embodied , grounded understanding of technique, I work in depth with personal expression, helping students connect breath, emotion and voice.  I encourage each student's unique musical sensibility while freeing the maximum potential of their voice. Students will access different colors of their voice, creating increased confidence, authenticity and range of expression.

“Each week I came to vocal lessons to work on myself - to find my voice. Bisan guided me on this mesmerizing journey with her deep intuition, knowledge of technique and tremendous spirit. It was truly momentous and transformative working with her."   - Jess Geevarghese, student


• Certificate in Voice & Improvisation, Roy Hart Theatre Training. Pantheatre ‘ACTS’ Voice Performance School. Malerargues & Paris, France. 2005-2007 • Masters of Music, Ethnomusicology Concentration: ‘Music and Identity;’ Fusion music of various refugee and immigrant populations; classical Persian voice, Bulgarian polyphonic singing. University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies. London, U.K. Dec. 2001 • B.A., Voice Performance. New York University. New York, NY. May 1997 ********************** Recent Performance Highlight: 2017 Rome Film Festival. Featured live vocalist for 'NYsferatu, Symphony of a Century.' Auditorium Parco della Musica. Festa del Cinema di Roma. Italy Recent Teaching Highlight: NYU, Abu Dhabi (guest Master Class teacher for theatre majors)

Curriculum Overview (modifiable according to student desire):

The Embodied Voice: freeing the voice through the Systems of Breath, Articulation & Resonance
-   Exploring the body as a resonating cavity: posture and body alignment
-  Deepening, focusing, expanding & extending breath capacity: the physiology and function of the diaphragm, ribs and back
-  Identifying obstructive vocal habits (constriction, lack of resonance, monotone pitch, lack of power, weak articulation, flat vowels) to release physical tensions and thought patterns
-  Vowel placement: opening resonators and clarifying tone; connecting sound with various body centers; the physiology & function of vocal cords, larynx, mouth, tongue lips, jaw
-  Delivering sound: exploring air balance for vocal support; coordinating sound with supported breath
-  Extending pitch range: clarifying vocal intonation and improving pitch
- Vocal energy, stage presence and projection

The Multidimensional Voice: developing sound imagination and the vocal pallet
-  Connecting breath, body and impulse/emotion  
-  Improvisation: building a relationship to the present moment
-  Excavating and developing an intentional pallet of vocal colors

Voice for Acting
-  Finding the integrated voice that emerges from a character’s emotional and physical center, emotional impulses and breath patterns 
-  Extended vocal technique: exploring different vocal intonations and style, musical interpretation 
-  Balancing internal & external spaces; working with characters and mythology archetypes





Reviews of lessons with Bisan Toron

Bisan is so lovely to work with and her approach is awesome. I am a musician and teacher myself and I would recommend her to absolute beginners and masters alike. She has something to offer everyone. If I had degrees in vocal performance I would still take lessons from her!
Emily Zaita, Verified Student
November 3rd, 2018
To put it simply, we both expected technique drills for my second lesson. However, she uncovered my real intention of developing my voice and the lesson plan flipped from keyboard exercises to soul searching, self-enlightenment, and connecting my emotions to sound. She's rad, and I'm very excited for what I may learn each week.
Austin Koncz, Verified Student
March 14th, 2018
Austin Koncz, Verified Student
March 23rd, 2018

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