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Hi! My name is Brett Hewitt, and I love to teach! I have taught many instruments for many years, but my favorite is the bass guitar. I have a varied background in my experience, and am familiar with many different genres and styles. Which, I think you'll find, have made me into a knowledgeable and adaptable teacher for a wide array of unique students. Beyond this, I have had a true passion for music and teaching my whole life, and believe there's nothing better than imparting knowledge to others. If you are truly interested in learning bass, our lessons will be enjoyable and educational, I know it!

I have mastered the bass, cello, and guitar each for over fifteen years. I was a top music student in a performing arts high school before ascending to the ranks of Berklee College of Music, which is perhaps the foremost contemporary music college in the world. After Berklee, I returned to my home, Minnesota, and began to teach, play music live, and produce three solo studio albums and one EP. 

Even at a younger age, I was seen as a mentor for students young than I. I was enrolled in the nationally acclaimed School of Rock program for five years, and during that time I had the honer of assistant teaching summer camps and assisting with the instructors as a sort of TA. Here, I had the privilege to meet and befriend Chad Hanks, founder of the international touring metal band, American Head Charge – who has toured with the likes of metal legends, Slayer and Slipknot. He taught me a great deal about music, from the acute details of playing guitar and bass, to the grander and more nebulous laws that govern the music scene and industry.

In addition to my rock and metal proficiencies, I have played in many classical orchestras and ensembles, and even some jazz, fusion, and contemporary country bands. I have a deep background in music theory, and am an advocate for teaching such skills to every student, even if they think they don't believe they'll benefit from it. They will! It's incredible what connections you can make intellectually, even in the world outside of music, with a strong knowledge of music theory!

To close, I believe I have a dynamic and fun teaching style, even though I often push my students from all angles in order to expand their horizons and improve their understanding of not only their instrument, but music – and even the world – as a whole.


Attended Berklee College of Music for Bass Performance. Over eight years of teaching music. Eleven years playing and recording for every kind of music group/project imaginable.

It is extra work, but I tailor my lessons to each unique student. As such, my recommended styles and texts are divvied up on an individual basis. Everyone learns differently and responds to a different pedagogy; we all haveour unique motivators too!

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