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Chris Rupp is a Berklee alumnus, Ultimate Guitar Instructor, and founder of GuitArmy. If you follow guitar on social media you've probably watched some of Chris's videos with more than 30 million views and 300k followers. Chris has a deep passion for music and guitar and loves teaching and helping students get better at guitar.   ** AGES 18 AND UP ONLY, PLEASE.**



I tailor my lessons to achieve the goals of each student. My lessons are fun and relaxed. I like my students working from a book along with material that I provide. My goal as an instructor is to teach you the physical skills as well as the music theory information you need to achieve your goals. I find that if I teach very solid guitar skills to a student they are prepared to perform any music genre they come across. I like to teach the music theory behind the skills but I'm also very big on using and demonstrating those skills. I love teaching students the songs they wish to play. I also like to spend time on improvisation and creating music.  Whether you're a total beginner, intermediate, advanced guitar player, songwriter, lead guitarist, etc. I can help make you a better guitar player. 

Bachelors of Music degree from Berklee College of Music. Guitar instructor at Menchey Music for 20 years. Owner of GuitArmy where I've been teaching Skype/Zoom lessons for 6 years. Online guitar course instructor of over 20,000 students at Skillshare, Udemy, Teachable, GuitArmy, and Patreon.

Your lesson plan will be tailor made for what you are interested in learning. I can teach you from books or you can create your own path by choosing things you need to improve upon. Below is a list of some things I teach my students. 

scales: major, minor, modes, advanced scales, pentatonic scales, chord tones, arpeggios 

music theory: understanding scales and how to use them to figure out your diatonic chords, improvise, write a melody, harmonize, etc. 

sight reading: learning how to read music on the staff really helps you understand the vocabulary of music along with giving you the ability to read a piece of music 

reading tablature: learn how to read guitar tablature and understand all of the symbols 

rhythm studies: understanding how to strum properly and read rhythms 

improvisation: learn how to solo like your favorite guitar players and create your own solos 

chords: learning your open chords, barre chords, triads, seventh chords, other advanced chords. 

songs: learn the songs you want to play 

your choice: you can choose what you want to learn. you don't have to just learn the above topics. you can create your own areas of study so you get the most out of your lessons for your particular needs. 

Books that I use with students:

Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book (books 1-3)

Hal Leonard Bass Method Book (books 1-3)

A Modern Method for Guitar (Berklee Press) Volumes 1-3

Alfred's Basic Guitar Method Complete

Hal Leonard Jazz Guitar

Hal Leonard Fingerstyle Guitar

Hal Leonard Blues Guitar

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory (books 1-3)

Hal Leonard's Easy Pop Melodies (books 1-3)

I have a lot of other books as well. But this gives you an idea of the main books I usually use with students. A student does not have to work from a book if they don't want to. It's not required. 

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