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**Greetings from "Swanandi",  The Global School of  Performing Arts & Culture.**

We are extremely happy to give online lessons of Tabla, Indian Classical Vocal, Carnatic Vocal, Bollywood songs, Guitar, Piano and Harmonium classes   conducted by Renowned, Globe-Trotter Musicians, Social Media Sensations, Tabla Exponent, by Mr. Harish Bhavsar and His Team from ‘PUNE’, The best cultural city of INDIA.

This is a golden opportunity to all music , instrumentalists & dance students, to learn the most authentic way of presenting Indian Classical music, from the Maestro themselfs. This interactive session is aimed at educating & empowering music aspirants, towards better understanding of Indian Rhythmic Tradition. We invite the entire world of students, performers, musicians, vocalists, instrumentalists, percussionists, music producers, programmers, composers etc. to take part & experience the richness of this culture.


Harish Bhavsar,

Founder Member,

"Swanandi",The Global School of  Performing Arts & Culture.

In the genre of Hindustani Classical Music, Tabla is considered to be the principal percussion instrument. The rhythm of Tabla is such which moves the audience into a state of complete aesthetic indulgence. And being a Tabla player, this is the effect that I wish to produce through my engagement with Tabla. Since my childhood, I was familiarised with the rhythm and essence of Indian classical music as my father was a renowned flute player and my uncle Pt. Ratilal Bhavsar was a professional vocalist. So, stepping into the field of music was the most obvious step for me.

This connection that I felt with music took a more serious turn at the age of 13 when I went under the guidance of Shree Suresh Kulkarni of Jalgaon for learning Tabla. Then to polish my skills even further, in my later years I took training under several accomplished artists like Shree Jayant Kayak, PT. Suresh Talwalkar and Shree Ramdas Palsule.

The next step in my journey as a Tabla player was taken when I gave my first professional Tabla performance in 1988 where I played as Tabla accompaniment to a Kathak performance. It was that experience and the rush that I felt at that moment which opened me to the real world of music. From there it was an upward journey and I got the opportunity of performing at the Rashtrapati Bhawan in 1989 as a part of N.C.C. It was followed by my Tabla performance in Doordarshan in 1990. It's all these performances which helped me establish a strong foothold in this musically charged world. Afterwards, I have constantly partnered with various artists like Dr Vishal Kashalkar, Shree Hemant Pandas, both renowned vocalists of the field and have played the Tabla as an accompaniment for Kathak dancers like Smt. Manisha Sathe, Smt. Sambhavi Vase and Suresh Talwalkar.

I strongly believe that the Guru Shishya Parampara is the soul of Indian Classical Music and I am an ardent follower of the same. Now, I have dedicated my time towards training ambitious minds in the art of Tabla playing. I am proud of the progress that my students have made over these years and the proficiency that they have exhibited in both solo playings and the accompaniment for vocal, instrumental music and even Kathak dance. I wish to keep engaging with this musical world and keep imparting the skills that I have attained over the years.

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