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Jack Wilkins was awarded the "Teacher of the Year" for Musical Theater and Audition Prep in 2021 on Lessonface. 

Jack Wilkins is a professional singer and music educator originally from Watsonville, CA. He has been teaching private voice lessons to students of all ages for over six years, as well as vocal directing musicals, conducting choirs, and teaching music theory.

Jack received a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University Long Beach. He performs with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and the  Los Angeles Master Chorale. He sang on the soundtrack for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” and has performed in many musicals, most recently as The Baker in Pacific Opera Project’s “Into the Woods.”

Jack specializes in helping students find their healthiest, strongest voice in whatever genre they are pursuing. One student said, “He doesn’t simply put his students on a track, but works with your individual voice and goals. All ranges of voice, style and skills would greatly benefit from his teaching.”

Jack has a puppy named Lucy who loves to chase squirrels and brings him tons of joy.

My goal is to help each student find their best voice. I don't believe the right way to sing is in any specific style or genre. I believe each student has their own personal voice that is unique and beautiful. I use solid, result proven vocal techniques to help each student achieve their highest potential as a singer and a performer. 

B.M. in Vocal Performance from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University Long Beach

The vocal technique I teach revolves around 3 worlds: body awareness, vocal placement, and word pronunciation. 

How we use our bodies as singers is so important. When discussing body awareness, we talk a lot about posture and alignment, breathing, and the physical experience of singing. 

Vocal placement is so essential to good vocal health. In my lessons I help students find the best way to place their voice so that singing is easy, bright, and sustainable. 

So often our diction gets in the way of beautiful singing. In my lessons we discuss how we can best pronounce our words to make our singing sound more pleasing to the ear and make our notes easier to sing. 

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