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Jarod Delgado

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Rock Guitar, Metal Guitar
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I have been a professional musician and singer-songwriter for 15+ years. In 2008, I moved from Ohio to Nashville TN to pursue my musical careers.  I was a metal drummer for an award winning, HardRock/Metal band, "Forgotten Fable". In 2010,  we (Forgotten Fable ) released a debut album, "Untitled" and debuted on a Fox Television Series called, "Not Just Country".  Shortly after premeiring on Fox Network, Forgotten Fable was award, "Best Hard Rock/Metal Band" in Nashville TN for the highly acclaimed, "Nashville Independent Musical Awards".  In late of 2011, Forgotten Fable decided to part ways, and at that same time period, I, Jarod, was already working on recording my Debut album called, "Don't Hold Back".  Shortly after releasing "Don't Hold Back", I was awarded "Best Rock Song of the Year" in 2012.  Recently after releasing "Don't Hold Back", I decided to move back to my hometown, "Celina, OH" to be closer to family.  Shortly after moving home, I decided to join a band called, "Contender Rising" from Fort Wayne IN.  After doing a short 2 week Tour, Contender Rising released a 5 song EP.  Quickly, we received many interests from Music management companies.  Once we decided to choose a particular management company, we were caught in a bad predicament, we couldn't get out of.  That was the ultimate demise for Contender Rising.  In 2015, is when i decided to start giving and teaching Guitar Lessons, which eventually landed me on this sight to hopefully get more students.  

 I teach, Finger-picking technique, Strumming technique, Chord composition, Guitar Theory, Guitar Tablature Understanding, Songwriting technique and methods, Percussion techniqe, Economy picking technique and Alternate picking technique.  

Fox Television, Nashville Independent Musical Awards, Not Just Country, Benchmark Studios

After obtaining particular information, including; 1. Age 2. Experience 3. Client/Students Goals 4. Musical Interest, i will, then, compose a customized lesson/curriculum that adheres to the student/client .

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