Larree Hollywood

Acoustic Guitar, Songwriting
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Hello!  I'm Larree Hollywood.  I’ve been playing guitar for almost 60 years and I would love to share my knowledge of guitar, music theory, and songwriting, with you.  I believe in making the guitar fun, and inspiring creativity and originality.  You don’t have to become a master on the guitar before you have fun playing; you can have a lot of fun playing as you work towards your own personal concept of mastery.  

I believe that most good teachers have their own style.  And every good guitar teacher has something unique to offer.  I have a casual, fun approach to teaching guitar.  I teach you how to teach yourself.  I enjoy working with beginners of all ages.   Don't let anyone tell you you can't become a good guitar player if you begin later in life.  You can surely get good enough to have a lot of fun at any age.   And the ability to play music is wonderful for meditation, personal introspection, and inner healing.

I have played the guitar and studied music for most of my life. I started taking beginner guitar lessons when I was seven-years-old and learned to read music. I completed the Contemporary Arranging Program at the Dick Grove Music Workshop, attended the Howard Roberts Guitar Seminars, and took many other music classes and performance workshops in my life. I played in many original and cover bands and did a lot of busking, too. But really, my main credential is my love for the guitar and everything musical. So let's get started.

We will learn from many reference sources. I have a nice library of guitar method and theory books.  We will find the programs that resonate with you.  I will teach you a series of exercises I learned over 50 years ago that will keep your hands strong and flexible. These exercises are excellent for beginners and for seasoned players who might get a little stiff.      I can also help you with songwriting.  I can help you fully understand song structure; developing powerful rhythm, hooks, melodies, and lyrics.   I can teach you how to improve your songs.  Think of me as your songwriting life coach.   I can also help you if you are an actor looking to add guitar playing to your skills list so you can audition for more roles.

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