Mario Fogg

Drums, Cajon, Percussion
Featured Teacher on Lessonface Since December 2018

Lesson Fees

Base Fee: $40.00 / 30 Minutes


A man of few words, but very dynamic and compelling when spoken, is one way to describe Mario’s personality and playing. His approach to music, is like a conversation, an exchange of ideas. Mario believes (as do all the great musicians he looks up to), that music is a universal language,  that musicians speak and are able to communicate with each other, no matter where they may be from. No matter what background, ethnicity, nationality, race, color, age, or even language, the power of music, allows these creatives, to communicate with each other, despite the many so called “barriers” that often hinders us. 

My teaching style is catered towards the student. We are all different and we don’t all learn the same. It’s my goal to reach the student where they are and bring them to where they want to be. To empower the student with the ability to play the instrument in their own way. Not limited to just learning a song but learning the instrument and to be able to play whatever you hear, see  or think. 

Curriculum is tailored to the student. I pull my curriculum from various resources from the greats. Book List includes:

Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for the Advanced drummer 

Charlie Wilcoxon: The All-American Drummer 

The New Breed- Gary Chester

The Art if Bop Drumming -John Riley

The Language of Drumming- Benny Greb 

4-Way Coordination- Marvin Dahlgreen

Conversations in Clave ... Just to name a few and materials from studies from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. 



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