Meggie Greivell

Accent Training, Audition Prep for Actors, Scene Study, Accent Reduction
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Avg. Response Time: 5 hrs, 49 mins

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I currently reside in the Twin Cities, MN, where I am the artistic director of Persistent Theatre Productions and I work as a freelance director, playwright, teaching artist, and dialect coach.  I've worked with, The History Theatre,  Theatre Unbound, Northern Starz Children's Theatre, Gadfly Theatre Productions,  Workhaus Collective, Pillsbury House Theatre, Theatre Pro Rata and The Phoenix Theater, Arst Nest.   My favorite plays to direct are ones that have a direct impact on the community and that help to create change.  In 2021 I will be starting a directing Master of Fine Arts program at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland.  I have a lot of professional grant writing experience and essay writing experience in addition to my theatre experience. 

I work with all levels of students on a variety of dialects. Any dialect that you need to learn I can effectively coach you, whether it is for a specific role or a dialect that you simply want to learn or to improve on. I specialize in the most commonly used dialects for stage and film such as: Standard British, Cockney, Irish, American Southern, New York. I have taught Polish, German, French, Russian and Spanish in addition to those. I am extremely patient, compassionate and empathetic with my students. I am also very good at understanding their needs and that not every student learns the same way. I will drive students to get the best possible work out of them. I truly believe in my students. In my dialect coaching I focus equally on the physical structure of your voice and mouth such as pitch, resonance placement, and melody as well as using good source materials as a base for students to listen to. I also use my own voice to help with call and response exercises.

Directing Credits: When We Were Young and Unafraid by Sarah Treem, Persistent Theatre Productions, Fallout Urban Art Center, 2019 The Basset Table By Susanna Centlivre edited by Jane Milling, Persistent Theatre Productions, Dreamland Arts, 2018 To Evaporate by Alyssa Brooke, Premiere of New Work, Persistent Theatre Productions, Dreamland Arts, 2017 The Bernice Project  by Meggie/Debbie Greivell, Premiere of New Work , Arts Nest Fledgling Project, The Phoenix Theater, 2017 The Further Adventures Of  by Kathleen Warnock, Gadfly Theatre Productions, The Phoenix Theater, 2016 ​Don’t Let Them See You Cry  by Amanda Thomm, Premiere of New Work, Minnesota Fringe Festival, 2014                                                Tender Offer by Wendy Wasserstein, Theatre Unbound, Girl Shorts Festival, 2014 ​A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, Student Production, Shakespeare in the Park, UW-Parkside, 2011 ​Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl, Understudy Production, Rita Tallent Picken Black Box Theatre, UW-Parkside, 2011 Assistant Directing Credits: Gloria: A Life!  by Emily Mann, Regional Premiere, Director Risa Brainin, History Theatre, 2019 Dirty Business Book and lyrics by Laurie Flanigan Hegge with Music & Arrangements by Robert Elhai, World Premiere, Director Ron Peluso, History Theatre, 2019 Girl Group by Carol Critchley, World Premiere, Director Rebecca Rizzio, Theatre Unbound,  2013 Kill Me Don’t Go by Trista Baldwin, World Premiere, Director Leah Cooper, Workhaus Collective, 2012 44 Presidents for 44 Plays By the Neo-Futurists, Director Carin Bratlie, Theatre Pro Rata, 2012 Producer Credits:  When We Were Young and Unafraid, Persistent Theatre Productions, March 2019 The Basset Table, Persistent Theatre Productions, April 2018 To Evaporate, Persistent Theatre Productions, October, 2017 The Bernice Project, The Phoenix Theater, Arts Nest Fledgling Program, January 2017 Teaching Artist:  Saint Paul Public Schools, Teaching Artist-Theatre Arts, Grades 2-5, 2018-2019 ​A Night at the Wax Museum, Northern Starz Children's Theater, Grades 6-12, 2016 Krazy Kamp the Musical, Northern Starz Children's Theater, Grades 6-12, 2017 ​The Wizard of Oz, Summer Student Production, Grades 3-8, Homeward Bound Theatre, Mahtomedi, MN, 2016 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Summer Student Production, Grades 3-8, Homeward Bound Theatre, Mahtomedi, MN, 2015 ​The Nutcracker, Northern Starz Children's Theater, Grades K-12, 2015 Acting 101 Class: Grades 6-12, Northern Starz Theatre,  2015 ​Guest Artist Acting Instructor, Pillsbury House Theatre, July 2014 Playwriting: The Bernice Project, Premiered at the Phoenix Theater, Arts Nest, Fledgling Program, January 2017 Dialect Coaching: RP, Cockney, Irish, French, Spanish, German, Polish, American Southern and New York Training: University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 2011 Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Cum Laude

In terms of dialect coaching I focus heavily on Dr. David Alan Stern's techniques, the international phonetic alphabet or IPA and Edith Skinner's vocal work.  For scene study, audition help and monologue selection, I can offer a variety of help from varying genres of contemporary theatre, Shakespeare and other styles.  Recommended texts and audio for dialect and vocal training: Acting with an Accent tapes by Dr. David Alan Stern, with the corresponding booklets, "Speak with Distinction" by Edith Skinner and the IDEA: 

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