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Hello, my dear future students! 

   I'm an experienced Music Teacher of Music Theory, Harmony, and Piano with a Bachelor's in Music Theory and Pedagogy! 

I graduated from the Faculty of Arts -  Music Department in the city of Nis, Serbia.  During my education, I participated in many International Competitions for Piano and Music Theory. As well I was part of the organization for the International Science Conference in Music Theory -  Balkan Art Forum. 

    I've been working as a Music professor for 5 years now.

 I had students of all ages and from all over the world, making great success in different fields, making their goals and dreams come true.  

Now, I'm on my way to get my 2nd Bachelor's Degree and Master's in Music Composition with maestro prof. Stefan Dragostinov.

*More about the subjects in Teaching style section*

    Music and knowledge are unlimited roads on which path we can learn many new things and improve as long as we have passion and love for both. 

   - Do you want to learn from the basics? 

   - Do you want to improve or expand your knowledge and skills? 

   - Do you want you or your child to experience all benefits of learning Music? 

   - It is proven that music can help our brains to develop, reduce stress, helps anxiety, music is a form of self - expression, music can boost self - confidence.

   - Would you like to take enjoyable, fun, and interesting lessons in a comfortable environment?  

                You are in a right place. :) 

 So, let's start taking these benefits and improve our lifestyle and let's have fun learning music. 

                                                                                         See you! Best regards!

 - I  adapt each lesson to my student's needs, by creating lesson plans for each individual.

I am a patient, enthusiastic, and energetic teacher. I'm trying to get the best out of my students! 

I will help you achieve your goals, by making even the most complex information simple and easy for you to understand!

 - Preparation for any school exam, annual exam, the university entrance exam for music theory.

- Piano  -  I teach piano to beginners and intermediate level to all ages. (no limits! <3)

-  Music Thoery  - I teach Music Theory for all levels. Students will be able to learn basic rules, expand their music knowledge and be able to learn  from the Baroque counterpoint until present times and a modern understanding of Music Theory. Learn how to analyze, read, write and understand Music Theory with me. 

 - Composition, Piano Composition  - Together we will analyze each other compositions, comment on them and learn how to put ideas and visions on a piece of paper using notes, rhythm, harmony, orchestration, instrumentation, and other music elements important for every composer. Here you can express yourself freely. Music has no mistakes. :)

- Conducting  - Students will learn how to properly use their hands, motions and follow the music notation and lead a choir or orchestra.



During my education, I participated in many international competitions and participate in many Music Festivals and Forums.
I will list some of them:
1. International Competition "Mihajlo Nikolovski" - winning 1st prize in category Music Theory, Harmony
2. VI International Competition for Piano Duet - II prize
3. Conductor of the Youth Choir (2012, 2013) for Child Festival in Sofia Bulgaria
4. Conductor of the string orchestra for the festival in "Memory of Filip"
5. I was part of the organization of IV National Scientific Conference with international participation "Balkan Art Forum 2016" - Faculty of Arts, Nis

I'm a huge Music Theory lover and I love to teach Music Theory and Harmony! They are the foundation of music and why the music sounds the way it does.

 I would be very happy to dive into the depth of music and help you have a greater understanding of these subjects. 

   The piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world and if you would like to learn or improve your skills, I would be happy to help you with that, as well. 

  If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level you can always contact me and I would be happy to assist you on your musical journey. 

   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and also please send me a message before your trial lessons.  

See you! Best regard

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