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Degreed teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching piano online.  After exploring many ways technology can help accelerate piano learning, I now teach with the best app available for my students. 

I teach children, teens, and adults 8 years and older. Enroll for one lesson at a time, or choose "Subscribe" for recurring monthly payments and save. Cancel your subscription anytime.

I teach using  the Piano Marvel curriculum and platform. Piano Marvel is your ideal practice assistant, monitoring your playing so you can practice accurately with minimal effort.  It accelerates your learning more than 5 times faster than other book methods. It's truly a game-changer in learning to play piano.

I usually teach one-on-one online, but I also do group lessons of 3-4 students. Register for a FREE Introduction today.

With the Piano Marvel app, wrong notes are identified immediately, so you get real-time feedback. You also get a score so you know how you're doing at all times. These are the hallmarks of successful learning. You have thousands of pieces and tutorial videos to choose from in every genre and level to keep you motivated. And it's easy to set up, works on most devices, and is customizable. Piano Marvel is so intuitive, you can have lessons each week or every other week and still make lots of progress.


What device do I need to run Piano Marvel?  Piano Marvel works on any Mac or Windows computer, iPad, iPhone, or Chromebook.

Do I need a subscription to Piano Marvel? Yes. Once you link to me as your teacher (easy to do), you get 30-day trial for almost everything Piano Marvel offers. Even after that, Level 1 of Method and Technique is always free. It's a great way to try it out.

What is the difference between Play Mode and Practice Mode?  This revolutionary feature in Piano Marvel makes learning new songs easier than ever. Practice Mode waits for you to play the correct note, allowing you to work through the notes at your own pace. When you become familiar with the notes, use Play Mode to play in rhythm. Piano Marvel monitors your playing and displays red and green markings indicating what you played correctly and incorrectly. It will also give you a score so you always know how you're doing. This allows for faster learning as you're able to practice mistake free. It’s like having a guide to help you practice at all times.

What videos are offered?  Piano Marvel features hundreds of high-quality, but short video lessons to guide you as you learn. Access them anytime. Look for the video lessons just below the title of the song in the music view.

What is the SASR?  When you can sight-read well (playing something you've never seen before), you know you're using all the musical skills you've learned. The SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight Reading) is a piano sight reading test that also teaches you to sight read better. Each time you take the SASR test you will get a sight reading score and a chart showing your sight reading progress. I usually incorporate the SASR within a few weeks of starting lessons.

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