Uri Avi

Trumpet, General Mixing and Mastering, Songwriting, Audio Recording and Music Production, New Age Piano
Featured Teacher on Lessonface Since October 2018

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Base Fee: $40.00 / 30 Minutes

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Teaching, Performing, Composing and Producing Music for 15 years, I has extensive experience in multiple facets of the music world, industry and educational field.

Having performed across Europe and the United States and worked with clients in over 65 countries I have experience working across cultural and language barriers. 

In 2009 I earned a Bachelors of Music Performance - Trumpet, from Western Michigan University and in 2011 I earned a Masters of Music Education from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago Illinois.

I have extensive experience teaching private lessons, chamber ensembles and full band and orchestra in both rural, suburbn and inner-city settings.

Having grown up in a family of multi-generational professional musicians and educators, from a young age I have always been around music, playing, listening and learning. Crafting my teaching approach based on my experience as a young student, young teacher and adult educator helps to understand, connect with and help every student who comes to me.

My teaching style would be most concisely described as practical, foundational, individualistic.

Every aspiring musician has a different goal. They all hope to achieve something unique. Ensuring that each student receives guidance that will help them become the musician they want to become is my utmost priority. It is my practice to understand what a student dreams to do with music, know what they hope to do and then craft our approach directly to this goal. I do not practice "1 size fits all" teaching style, but rather individualistic curated teaching for each student, to help each student on their path to achieve their dream in music, whatever that may be.

Following the conception of my practical, foundational, individualistic teaching method, the curriculum for each student is adapted and curated directly for each student to ensure their success.

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