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Alex Madeline studied classical saxophone at the Caen Conservatory ( France ) . During this time, he played in many classical ensembles and had the chance to perform famous composer Eric Tanguy’s new original composition “Ritornello”, played for the first time worldwide. At this time he studied ear training, classical singing, music history, tonal harmony and counterpoint.

At the age of twenty, Alex got his classical saxophone Diploma ( DEM ). During this year, he started to practice jazz and play in different big bands and recorded for jazz, funk and pop music projects. But his greatest achievement was the successful run of his own project, the electro jazz quintet TBK, with whom he toured nationally in France, playing in some of France’s most prestigious jazz festivals (e.g. Jazz Sous Les Pommiers, ),  opening for Maceo Parker’s concert at the Cargo in Caen.

After he got his classical diploma, Alex succeeded the audition for the Versailles Conservatory. There, he studied jazz with Sylvain Beuf, a famous French jazzman. He studied jazz harmony, arranging, and jazz saxophone. He stayed two years in Versailles Conservatory and got his Jazz Diploma ( DEM ). He played one concert with the NATO Jazz Orchestra ( The OTAN Jazz Orchestra ) in the Montanciers Theater of Versailles.

During this time, he auditioned for the world-renowned Berklee College of Music and received the European  scholarship in order to enter Berklee in January 2013.

At Berklee, Alex collaborated with pianist Emil Afrasiyab and  travelled to Azerbaijan for the Baku International jazz Festival where he shared the stage with Kenny Garret, Joshua Redman, Marcus Miller, David Sanborn and Bob James.They played at the  Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Carnegie Hall for Abdullah Ibrahim’s master class, at the Kursaal in Bern ( Switzerland ), Reims Jazz festival ( France ) and Saint Germain des Pres Jazz festival (  Paris, France ).

Alex also performed with renowned Jazz trumpet player Terrence Blanchard and Bass player John Clayton with the Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra directed by Greg Hopkins.

I figure out how each student thinks and works, in order to give them the best methods to learning and practicing music. The fact that I got one Classical Diploma and one Jazz Diploma in Conservatory makes me able to teach the instrument in any style of music, with all the possible techniques. We make faster progress with something we love, that's why my teaching is about learning saxophone techniques over the student's favorite songs (can be classical, jazz, pop, rock...any style).

-Sound (warm up exercises, classical sound, jazz sound, overtones, long tones, air pressure) -fingering (normals fingerings and alternate fingerings, the easiest way to play the instrument)

-Technique (slow-medium and fast exercices, the goal is that all exercises have to be relaxed and easy)

-Articulation (legato, staccato, tonguing exercises) -reading (solfege, sight reading)

I used to teach saxophone, ear training, and jazz ensembles in music schools. I taught students from the age of 10 all the way to 60. The lesson has to be productive and FUN.

I also teach Ear training, arranging, sight reading, improvisation, and stage performance.