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Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Songwriting
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Composer with a personal voice where layers of different genres – classical, contemporary, minimal, pop, progressive rock, Caribbean, Latin American and jazz - are interwoven in a unique, unclassifiable style.  

His musical path begins at age 5 when he asks his father for piano lessons; at that momento he knew  he would dedicate his entire life to music.  At age 14 he begins studying classical guitar and enrols in the National Conservatory of Music in Dominican Republic. Later on receives a scholarship to study composition and guitar at Manhattanville College in New York, where he graduates with honours. As a students he was invited to be the opening act of jazz pianist and multi-grammy winner Gonzalo Rubalcaba. At this concert is where Ocaña decides to focus his career on performing his original compositions.  Few years later he is again invited to be the opening act of Rubalcaba and also Egberto Gismonti. While living in New York, he works as a composer for the orchestra of Elliot Magaziner (former director of Frank Sinatra's orchestra) and studies with great musicians, such as Benjamin Verdery, Ingram Marshall and Mary Ann Joyce-Walter.

Ocaña has published six albums:  A Paso de Cebra with Sebastian Lerner (2001), Anthony Ocaña (2006), Solo (2008), Wet Fields (2010), Placeres (2012) and In Trance (la luna o los ritos del amor) (2015) having received remarkable reviews for each one of them.

Ocaña is originally from the Dominican Republic and has spent time in both the US and Spain, where he now resides.

It has been my pleasure to teach guitar and music theory for over the past ten years to students who have ranged from beginners to professional musicians, including children and adults.

Each pupil is valued and supported wherever they may be in their own musical journey.  As a musician who began very young, becoming a composer, interpreter and educator, teaching represents the opportunity to further connect with new learners, exploring their dormant talents, discovering their potential, sharing in the joys given by music, to further cultivate the learner’s own endless possibilities of technical improvement and personal growth. 

Music is a powerful tool that benefits each person at different levels. Physically, learning music improves brain functions such as spatial intelligence, memory & psychomotor activities; emotionally, it enhances a sense of inner joy and completeness, it is also used as therapy serving as a catalyst to process emotions in a healthy manner; mentally, it improves one’s culture and inter-disciplines (as music relates to eras, countries, history, etc.); while socially it promotes enriching interactions.  As most people enjoy music and music benefits people, I believe that every person should try learning about it in some way, whether theoretically or practically!

As a musician, I have published 5LP’s, performed my music in various venues and countries, and written music for films and documentaries.  My compositions have been played in many respected radio and T.V. shows, thus my experience will be helpful to those students interested in taking their music to the next level.

For further information, feel welcome to contact me.

When teaching guitar I like to provide each student with a technical knowledge that will simplify and make more gratifying the experience with the instrument. For this purpose I have built exercises and combined these with other exercises that I have discovered across my life. 

I combine these technical skills with music repertoire trying to apply these skills on the music. Since there is so much music out there I like to find songs and pieces that suits each student’s taste.

When teaching I also like to provide my students knowledge on harmony. This will be very useful for composing and improvising.