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Bobby Joe Holman has been playing and teaching harmonica for over 45 years. He is the author of The Hal Leonard Complete Harmonica Method (both Chromatic and Diatonic), as well as 16 other instructional and song books, many with accompanying DVDs. Just a few of the legendary players he's performed with include Joe Huston, Big Black, Charlie Musselwhite, Floyd Sneed and Joe Shermie ( of Three Dog Night). 

Bobby Joe’s has lent his harmonica to movie themes, television documentaries, ad spots, radio jingles, LPs, 45s, CDs and DVDs.  He has taught at colleges and universities, public schools, libraries, music stores, prison’s, over-the-phone and the internet!




The ability to play a musical instrument, read music or understand music theory is NOT A REQUIREMENT to take harmonica instruction from me! Each aspiring harmonica player, will receive a personal, no nonsense musical approach to playing in different keys and music styles, all on a 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica. They will also become very familiar with standard harmonica techniques such as; note bending, hand vibrato, throat vibrato, trills, single note and octave playing. So let me share my passion for the harmonica and help unlock your musical melodies while learning to play one!


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