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Originally from New Zealand Brent Stanton began playing music professionally at age 16, performing and recording there.

In 1978 he moved to Australia to continue study saxophone, flute, clarinet and composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. This led to an ongoing and varied performance, recording and teaching career in many music genres over a period of 10 years.  Performance venues included live concerts, Broadway shows and many film and television soundtracks.

In 1980 Brent received the Don Banks Fellowship Award from the Australian Arts Council, which led to intensive studies in the USA for 10 months.   There he studied with Al Regni (flute and clarinet), Eddie Daniels (saxophone, flute and clarinet), Dennis Smiley (bass clarinet), Nick Brignola (baritone saxophone) and Jamey Aebersold (jazz improvisation and teaching).
Upon returning to Australia in 1981, he formed the Sydney Jazz Quintet.  For over 5 years, this group toured throughout Australia – performing and teaching in schools by day and performing in nighttime concerts. The project, funded and overseen by the Musica Viva arts organization partnering with the New South Wales Board of Education included diverse music groups including the Sydney Jazz Quintet, The Sydney String Quartet, The Australian Chamber Orchestra and Capella Corelli.  This program afforded extraordinary performance and teaching experiences not available to many musicians. Brent designed the curriculum for jazz study used by the primary and secondary school teachers in conjunction with the group’s visit to each school.

In 1987 Brent returned the US again for music study, met his wife-to-be and moved permanently to New York shortly after, where he enjoyed an extensive music career as a saxophone, flute and clarinet player, and teacher, again across many music genres.
He returned to study further at Manhattan School of Music in 1991 – flute with Linda Chesis, saxophone with Bob Mintzer and improvisation studies with Garry Dial.  In 1998 he decided to concentrate solely on a flute and in 2000, released the CD “The Sign Of The Kiwi”.  Check tracks out on iTunes and Spotify.
Over the past 20 years, he has also worked at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in a variety of administrative and executive positions.  Brent was Director of Chapter Relations from 2002-2005, and for the past 10 years, has been the Executive Director of the Daytime Emmy Awards.
Brent has continued to perform music over this time.  In 2009 he began private study again with Garry Dial, and continues to develop his own playing and teaching systems based on the influences of Garry and Charlie Banacos.  He has most recently also been studying flute with the renowned Keith Underwood.
He is a father of 16 year boy/girl twins and enjoys the balance of inner city New York City living - and all its stimulation and inspiration - with a small house in Upstate New York and the great outdoors!  (After all, he is still a Kiwi!).

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