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Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Songwriting
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Bryant spent most of his time as a teenager playing in local punk rock and going to blues jams in his home town of Warrensburg Missouri, out side of Kansas City.  While studying at the esteemed Musician's Instittue in Hollywood California his skill was recognized by the legendary Stanley Clarke whom awarded him a scholarship.  After returning home from Los Angeles to raise his daughter Bryant started his Bachelors in Muisc at the University of Central Missouri.  He recently completed his Masters in Music Performance and gigs avidly in the Kansas City Jazz scene.  An equal match on electric or upright, Bryant is known for his energetic and fearless solos, be them on his Conklin 7 string electric basses or on his upright, which he masterfully solos with either his fingers or with a bow.

Bryant makes playing bass fun.  Being a student of Johnny Hamil, Bryant teaches using the Vance/Rabbath method for Upright and the same teaching philosophy of "Learning by Doing" and "Every song is an Etude" are his appraoches to pedogogy.  Every lesson is spent working on real, useful material that incorporates learning the basics of muisc, creating an enviroment where tremendous growth happens.


I use the following instructional resources as part of my teaching curriculum:

Upright bass

Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass - Vol. 1

Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass - Vol. 2

Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass, Vol. 3 (German Edition)


Rhythm Guitar - The Complete Guide (Book/CD Edition) MI Press (Essential Concepts / Musicians Institute)

Electric Bass

Bass Fretboard Basics: Essential Scales, Theory, Bass Lines & Fingerings (Essential Concepts)

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Bryant is great.
Giacomo, Bass Guitar Student
April 28th, 2016