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My name is Chris Breen and I've been playing guitar for 14 years.  I started out taking private lessons and was instantly hooked. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of music with others and exposing students to new techniques and musical concepts. Every individual has his or her own goals that they want to accomplish on the guitar. Some want to learn it all (technique, music theory, etc.) while others would be happy if they could simply learn to play one of their favorite songs. I won't push you to learn anything that isn't essential to your main goals. I want you to enjoy picking up your instrument everyday!

Some believe a person has to achieve a pre-established list of requirements to be considered a true musician. Most of the time this list includes:

1. Thorough understanding of music theory

2. Mastery of advanced improvisational techniques and concepts

3. Commanding knowledge of rhythmic terminology

Do I agree with these preconceived notions? Yes and No. Yes, as a teacher, it is my job to offer these concepts to you and they can only help your playing and musicianship in the long run. But, based on your goals, we will determine how much of each topic we need to tackle and how in-depth we need to pursue them. However, I also believe that you can still become an accomplished musician without knowing everything on that list.

Why do I believe this? Above all else, music is about striking an emotional chord with people and successfully connecting with your audience. In my opinion, if you can do this effectively (regardless of your academic knowledge of music), then you’re a musician! Let’s not forget that music is a form of artistic expression. If there are too many rules standing in the way of your creativity, then blindly adhering to those rules can be counterproductive. But I know that every student is different; some may learn quicker and more efficiently by following the rules. Others might feel hindered by them. As a teacher, I like to get to know so students so that I'm able to craft a lessons that put you on the fastest path to reach your own musical goals.

Reviews of lessons with Chris Breen

Verified Student
February 9th, 2017
Chris is going to be very helpful to me, great guy, will be fun to work with!
Don, Verified Student
April 9th, 2016