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Hi, Chris here.  A little about me - I have been playing drums for 26 years and have been playing professionally for 24 years. In my travels there have been many gigs locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. In that time I have enjoyed being able to express myself in styles ranging from rock, jazz, latin, irish, metal, pop, top 40, the occasional musical, symphonies and recording situations. I have also been teaching for 15 years and have taught drumset lessons to beginners, intermediates and advanced students ranging in age from 7- 55. I have a BA in music specializing in jazz and classical performance.

I love music and playing the drums! In my teaching curriculum I have taught MANY beginner students but no matter the level of experience I always look forward to helping a student in any way that I can. The end goal for me is to get you to play anything on the instrument that you can imagine and to teach you to teach yourself the easiest way to get there. I feel music, or any branch of the arts is all about self expression and finding your unique approach that only you can offer. I think at the end of the day that's the point anyway.

I've been a life long musician and music lover and I've never thought about doing anything else. The possibilities on a given instrument are truly endless and it just never gets old! All leves are welcome, just bring an open mind and a willingness to work hard and you're all set.

I can teach in many different ways. I have found that it works best to approach students on a case to case basis. However, there are certain building blocks that I feel should be covered, especially in the beginning, that, once aquired, will make for a much more musical player. This approach also cuts your learning curve down significantly in the long run. I can teach rudiments, reading, coordination, jazz, dynamics, fill ideas, song playalongs, pretty much anything on the drums.

I can also teach beginner piano students and have had many students in the past have an easier time transitioning to an intermediate/advanced teacher due to my process.

I have a few books that I use that are considered standards at this point - Syncopation, Stick Control, Louie Bellson reading books, NARD, Wilcoxon, New Breed to name a few. After a student gains a level of proficency and understanding of the basics I am open minded to new ideas to incorporate so the student can develop a personal interest as well.