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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Rock Guitar, Ukulele, General Mixing and Mastering, Songwriting, Music Theory
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Hello! My name is Christopher and I am a classical guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and experienced music teacher. 

I am a recent graduate with a Masters of Music degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA. There I studied with the world-renowned guitarist Eliot Fisk who is a direct student of the legendary guitarist Andres Segovia.

Currently I work part time teaching 12 students guitar at the University of South Carolina, in Columbia. I also I teach ukulele, bass, recording, song writing, and all different genres of guitar to a variety of students online. At the same time I am pursuing a Doctoral degree from the university to strengthen my skills as a guitarist and expand my knowledge as a teacher for higher education. I have also just completed my debut album titled, "Anima - The Music of Spain and Italy for the Guitar."

This album is a tribute and memorial to an amazing journey I had traveling and living in Europe for 3 years.

After I graduated from my undergraduate degree, I realized that in order to better my skills as a musician and become the guitar teacher I wanted to be I had to travel abroad. I moved to Seville, Spain where for three years I studied the art of classical and flamenco guitar. 

I studied with a international known Spanish guitarist named Francisco Bernier at the Conservatory in Seville. During this time I was also teaching English as a second language to high school and middle school students. From traveling and spending so much time in Europe, I also developed and studied my love of languages and I became fluent in Spanish and Italian.

The experienced was an experience of a lifetime and I made many friends working and living abroad that to this day, I still keep in contact with. 

If you are interested in having lessons with me, please contact me and we can begin learning the art of making beautiful music! Speak to you soon!

I have been teaching music for over 10 years now and it is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. I have taught for a variety of different music school throughout New England and on the west coast and I have had wonderful past students. Right out of college I was teaching in Norwich, VT at a school called the Upper Valley Rock School. There I was giving lessons to adults and children and helping kids form bands to play together. 

Afterwards I started performing on my own more and giving concerts. I have won guitar competitions and been granted numerous scholarships in order to pursue my career and continue studying music at the University of South Carolina. 

However, I was a teacher at this past seasons Guitar Fest 2016 in Boston, MA and I gave numerous performances throughout the area. I have prepared students for recitals, group performances, and competitions.  My style of teaching is very much catered towards the student. I evaluate their skills and technique and then I develop what I think best matches their personality and strong points in their playing capabilities.