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Trumpet, Cornet
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Over 20 years professional performing experience. D.M.A., University of Connecticut, 2010. Performances in 49 of the 50 states (sorry, Idaho!), Japan and Taiwan. Currently a full -time university instructor.  

I believe that most trumpet players develop bad habits that make them work against themselves. Its important to develop independent control of elements including breathing, support, embouchure, mouthpiece pressure, etc.  The considerable effort we put into mastering the instrument needs to be directed efficiently toward the goal of playing with greater ease and comfort, which results in a higher level of consistency, and above all, the freedom to concentrate on the MUSIC!!

I use what many would consider  "standard" pedagogical materials for trumpet, including materials by Getchell, Hering, Clodomir, Clarke, Arban, Small, Charlier. Determining areas of concentration for each student is much more important than the specific materials. For example, the classic Clarke Technical Study #2 could serve to concentrate on the development of consistent airflow and/or major key (or minor key or whole tone or chromatic)  muscle memory and/or valve synchronization and/or reduction of mouthpiece pressure and/or reducing the perceived size of whole and half steps and/or consistent support in varying dynamics and/or clarity in extreme registers, etc. etc.  HOW and WHY we practice is much more important than WHAT we practice!

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Nigel, Cornet Student
April 28th, 2016