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Growing up in Jerusalem, Israel, Ehud Ettun started playing the piano at a young age. However, his serious interest in music came only when Ehud was in his teenage years playing electric guitar. Around that time Ehud started understanding the importance of ear training.

"I just wanted to be able to play melodies that I hear without having to spend the time to figure the notes out on the piano," he said.

His early interest in ear training and some self-directed ear training work were what helped him to get into the Israeli Arts & Sciences Academy at the age of 15. It was there that he met Professor Batsheva Rubinstein who taught him her unique method of ear training. At the academy Ehud also studied improvisation with Professor Andre Haydu and composition with Dr. Michael Wolpe and Mr. Israel Sharon. Around that time, Ehud started to study the upright bass with Dr. Michael Klinghoffer studying exclusively classical bass; Dr. Klinghoffer's unique approach to bass and education was what made Ehud fall in love with the bass. ​

In his late teenage years Ehud played all kinds of music - from classical bass suites and concertos to jazz and world music with different groups that worked in Jerusalem. After graduating from the Israeli Arts & Sciences Academy, Ehud started his compulsory military service in the Israeli Defense Force and his Bachelor degree at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance.

In September 2010 Ehud received a scholarship to attend the New England Conservatory of Music. At the conservatory he studied with Donny McCaslin, Dave Holland, Jason Moran, and many more inspiring artists. During his time in Boston, Ehud collaborated with George Garzone, Marco Pignataro, Laszlo Gardony, Nando Michelin, Kevin Harris, and others. Ehud currently lives in New York, playing, composing, and collaborating with interesting and inspiring artists.

Studying music from a young age myself, I know the big difference that a good teacher can make in the life of a student. Growing up playing music can be fun and inspiring, but a good teacher is needed to guide and motivate the student. In my teaching, I think of music like a language. Just like any other language, in music we want to be able to understand what we hear (ear training), talk (improvise), read (sight reading) and write (composition). If we can learn to do those things, we are what I like to call a "whole" musician. Musicians of the kind really speak the language of music. I have different methods that I use, and they vary from one student to another, but I like the students to work hard, have fun, and get better.

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Ehud Ettun is an amazing teacher and person! Take a lesson with him!
Almog, Bass Guitar Student
May 10th, 2013