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Author of the educational music book Simplifying Chords: A Textbook For the Classroom and a Reference For the Road, Elizabeth Goodine teaches piano both by note and by ear to children as well as to adults.  She has spent over twenty years helping to prepare young people to be music directors and worship leaders.  Throughout their thirty-three years of marriage, she and her husband, Wayne, have blended their passion for music and ministry, serving as college instructors, songwriters, recording artists and music pastors. Currently, Elizabeth focuses on songwriting and teaching piano, and together they lead worship services and conduct music workshops in various settings.  



Just as I enjoy playing the piano by note and by ear, I also enjoy teaching both skills to students who, in addition to having a natural gift for music, understand the need for disciplined practice.  My goals for teaching piano are: 

To inspire you to enjoy classical piano music for your own enjoyment and to lay a foundation for areas you may wish to pursue such as composing, teaching, accompanying or performing. 

To strengthen your ability to play by ear so you can play many songs without needing to use a chord chart. 

To help solidify your understanding of chords, to help you recognize them when you hear them played, and to challenge you to play them on each of the twelve tones on the keyboard. 

To help you understand the various types of chord charts you may encounter and learn to create your own.

Most of all, to create a joyful atmosphere for learning and creativity!


1) For learning classical music we will choose books/pieces based on the student’s skill level.
2) For learning about chords we will use the book "Simplifying Chords:  A Textbook For the Classroom and a Reference For the Road," by Elizabeth Goodine.

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