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"Emily is amazing, she stuck with me through a very long and gruelling project. She's an absolutely amazing singer, writer and a very nice person to work with. What really sets her apart from many is that she has great control over her voice with pitch and expression. And let's not forget that her writing is on point!" - Ben Phipps, Music Producer 

"She has a great voice and is a very talented writer. Recommended for sure!​" - Scott M, Music Producer 


My name is Emily, and I love to write songs. 

Songwriting has taken me on an unexpected and beautiful journey over the years, starting when I was just 12 years old. I first discovered this art as a way for me to create something magical out of any experience, good or bad. Back then, a song was a gift I could give to my friends when they were going through hard times. I could put myself in their shoes and create something meaningful out of their struggles, something they could hold and be proud of. Songwriting was the dim, sepia-toned hue of a desk light, late on a week night when I should have been sleeping. It held my attention, no matter if I was in a science class or on a long drive with my family. It was the unraveling pathway through my imagination. I could never get enough! 

As I followed my curiosity, it led me to a lot of incredible places that nurtured my growth further as a songwriter, a singer, and a performer. I spent much of my adolescence traveling from my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta to Nashville and co-writing with some of my greatest teachers. I had the honor of performing in legendary spaces like The Bluebird Cafe, playing countless shows and growing my network. Since then, I've moved to Toronto, where I worked full-time as a musician and songwriter. The songs I've written have played on hit TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars. They've been featured on numerous blogs and radio shows all around the world! 

And the best part is, it's always growing. Through all these experiences, I cannot help but want to share what I've learned! That's where you guys come in. :)

As your songwriting mentor, my greatest intention is this: To empower you in creating the music that's burrowed deep within you. 

The songwriting process seems mysterious. How in the world do you even start? How does a blank page turn into the melodies you're hearing on the radio? 

Allow me to demystify it.

First, we'll start from the very beginning. Contact me now to book your absolutely free 15-minute consultation! 
Here, we'll talk about your goals and ambitions. This way, I can be sure to teach you exactly what you want to master! 

Together, we will cultivate a lesson plan that fits perfectly for you. Here are some of the services I offer, all taught through the lens of songwriting: 

- Acoustic Guitar Playing and Performance 
- Vocal Performance (finding your voice!) 
- Lyrical and Melody Writing 
- Music Industry Talk
(I wrote a song - now what?

* ALSO * 
Over the course of our lessons, you'll receive life-time access to E-Books, worksheets, and other free resources to assist you through your journey - completely free. Just as a thank you! 

I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to serve you and share all I've uncovered in my journey as a songwriter and performer. Contact me now to book your first lesson! 


Reviews of lessons with Emily Coulston

She is easy to work with and flexible to match student's schedules. Willing to adjust lesson plans to meet the students needs. Spends time preparing for lessons in advance. Emily breaks down lessons/practice techniques so students can achieve their goals and improve their technical abilities of guitar playing. Emily goes the extra mile to make sure students continue to make progress. Emily has a good grasp of fundamentals of song writing concepts and has a lesson plan to teach her students how to develop the song writing techniques that can carry them to becoming a song writer. Emily will pace her lessons to match each of her student's level. I would highly recommend Emily as a instructor.
Nitin, Verified Student
November 28th, 2017