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I'm lead vocalist, lead guitarist & songwriter for a well-known touring rock band with a worldwide fanbase and nearly 2 million youtube views, and a private instructor with clients locally and worldwide. I hold a Bachelors of Music in jazz guitar from New York University and have written, produced, & toured and recorded with internationally known artists/celebrities & legendary producers. My songs have been licensed for national/international TV (E!, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, TBS and more) and in video games. 

This past year alone I have released 4 singles and an EP for two of my bands, played throughout Europe (and taught online lessons while away), signed a major label publishing deal & have been cowriting/producing artists for their own projects. I am currently endorsed by PRS guitars, Elixir Strings, & Godin Guitars/Bass Guitars. 

I have established a solid client base in my home teaching studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn working with vocalists, guitarists/bassists, vocalists & composers of all ages and skill levels in styles including: Rock, Indie/Alternative, Metal, Pop, Punk, Blues, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Classical. 

I have over 3 years of experience as an online instructor. I have taught  students locally, nationally and internationally online with great success. All my students have made amazing progress as we work together to achieve  in their goals. 

My students gain expertise in the following techniques and more... 

Lead & Rhythm Guitar: 

Chord voicing: triads, four note open/closed chord voicing, chord melodies, comping, strumming, fingerstyle, standard grooves in various styles 
Step-by-step approach to soloing/improvisation: major & minor scales & modes & arpeggios, triads, blues/pentatonic scales and "licks". phrasing & line development over simple & sophisticated harmonic changes. 
Techniques including: 
Alternate/sweep & tremolo picking, hybrid picking, slide guitar, hammer on/pull offs, (up to 8 finger) tapping, bending and whammy techniques, diagonal scale, arpeggios & note groupings and 4 finger scales. 

Bass Guitar: 

Right hand: finger style, pick & slapping/popping 
Groove, rhythms and playing time 
Time signatures, walking bass lines, arpeggios, double stops, chords & improvising 
Writing bass lines. 


Pitch & intonation 
Proper breathing 
Voice placement 
The mixed voice 
Finding your voice 
Diction and it's application in live performance/recording 
Rock/Metal vocal technique and screaming. 

All students learn: 

Sight reading (standard notation/tablature) 
Music Theory & Ear Training 

We will focus 1/2 of the lesson on repertoire and 1/2 the lesson on the technique. I have my students let me know via text/email what songs they would like to work on for the weeks lesson a few days prior to the lesson, then I cater the technical study during the lesson to help them learn the song we are working on. It has been proven to be very effective and makes the technique and theory are less "boring." 

*** Specialties *** 

Rock, Pop, Indie, Metal, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Classical and more... recording technology, songwriter/composing, performance coaching.

I have (7) guitars including (3) electric, (2) acoustic/electric, & (2) Bass Guitar 
(2) tube guitar amplifiers, and various guitar effects pedals. 
A full-size 88-key MIDI keyboard, a 61-key USB keyboard controller and an assortment of industry standard dynamic & condenser microphones for live performance and recording applications. 
DAW recording software (Pro Tools 12.x, Logic 10.x, Ableton Live) & a variety of software synthesizers & plug-ins. 

My teaching materials will differ based on each student's individual needs and interests.  I use all available resources at my disposal to help my students  which include books, (both published and my own notebooks)  computer software,  smartphone apps & websites and also equally I pass along the knowledge I have acquired from my own teachers and experiences as a professional musician.