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Flute, Piccolo
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Hello!  My name is Erika Andres and I have a passion for playing and teaching the flute and piccolo.  I recently received my Master's degree in flute performance at Florida State University, and I hold a Bachelor's degree in flute performance and music composition as well.  I have played both flute and piccolo in many orchestras and bands (including the national intercollegiate band), given many recitals, played as the soloist on the performance of my own band transcription of a concerto, and played at the National Flute Association convention this summer.  At FSU, I was a teaching assistant where I taught undergraduate flute majors, and I have also privately taught middle and high school flutists.  Additionally, I have intensely studied flute pedagogy.  I am comfortable teaching flutists of any age and any level. 

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Every student is unique, and I always try to cater to his/her individual needs and interests.  However, there are certain fundamentals that every flutist should know.  I try to ensure that my students obtain a proficient technique as well as a mature sound.  They need to learn core repertoire and to play a variety of music, both classical and modern.    I believe that my students should be exposed to contemporary techniques, as these techniques help the students to not only play contemporary music but also to help improve their sound when playing classical music.  Flutists should also be well-rounded musicians, so I endeavor to increase their knowledge of music history and theory as they go along as well.

I greatly enjoy teaching.  It is always a rewarding experience for me, and I try to make it one for my students as well.

Please see my website, savannahflute.com, for more information about me and my teaching philosophy.