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I have been teaching for nearly two decades, and also playing professionally for just as long, in everything from symphony orchestras to rock bands.  I'm open minded and looking for students who are self-motivated, passionate, and patient enough to learn all the basics on their way to developing their fullest musical self.  Please view my personal website for more information and samples of projects that I have been involved with.

I began taking piano lessons from the age of 4, and took up bass in my teens, over twenty years ago.  I have been fortunate to have studied with world class bass teachers, taken masterclasses with principal players from several major orchestras, jammed with hall of fame legends, earned a Bachelor's degree in music performance and a Master's degree in musicology, studied Balinese gamelan music with masters from Bali, and learned the basics of Indian classical music from master teachers.  I have a unique background and bring a variety of perspectives to bear on my teaching, and I try to situate my students' growth in the deep rooted traditions from which I have learned.

I consider my teaching to be a realization of my students' goals, whatever they may be.  I'm equally at home teaching a strictly classical method as I am confortable with teaching an entirely unique and specialized curriculum, and since the majority of my own education was self-designed I am not hesitant to develop unique and individualized lesson plans.  I enjoy helping my students overcome their obstacles, and like it even more to see them achieve their goals.

I prefer that the student sets goals for themselves.  For example: a song to learn, a particular technique to master, a topic to understand, etc.  I then will set out a plan to get to those goals, letting the student guide the way.  I also prefer teaching more about concepts and ideas than physical techniques, though both have an important place.  My goal is to be whatever teacher you need me to be, and I try to adjust my style to fit the student.  I have been fortunate to have studied with a wide variety of teachers, and each has informed my teaching in their own way.  I seek students who are driven, who will rise to meet challenges, and who are excited and passionate about achieving their musical goals, even if their excitement is understated or subtle.  Curiousity has driven my love of learning about music, and I have learned how to turn that curiousity into a learning journey that ends in a well informed, talented and competent musician.

I have many of my own materials that I've created individually for students in the past, and will continue to create new ones as they come up in my current teaching.  There are commercially available method books for the various instruments I teach and they may be required for some students.  For double bass students persuing a more classical approach I use the Simandl method, and I have a wide assortment of other methods that we can try if it fits your needs.