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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar
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If you are looking for something that sounds different, want to explore new territory, or you want to develop your own language and unique sound on the guitar, maybe learning Latin and Afro-oriented guitar is what you need. Learning a new style is like learning a new language; it opens your brain to a world of exciting possibilities.  I have done a lot of cross-genre work on the guitar and can guide you step by step, if you are already into Latin rhythms and want to dig deeper, or even if you are totally new to these genres, after a few lessons you won't be the same!

I studied classical guitar but later, upon moving to the Caribbean, studied Caribbean rhythyms such as mentó, zouk, calypso, and reggae with local musicians. Popular Latin music has since been my main focus. 

I have been a music teacher for more than 15 years, and have played with different bands in the most important festivals and theaters in my country like Rock al Parque (2009, 2010), Teatro Colón (2015), and Teatro Jorge Eliecer Gaitán (2014). I also work as a freelance producer and composer for short films. Right now, I work as a sideman guitarist for Elkin Robinson, a young upcoming artist from Providence Island, who plays traditional Caribbean rhythms with a new approach, and run my teaching studio in Bogotá, Colombia.

I teach Latin rhythms, Son, Reggae, Calypso, Cumbia, and Bossa on the guitar. My lessons include rhythm guitar, improvisation, applied theory and ear training, and, of course, songs! I am a big fan of having a deep understanding of what you play so you then can take the main concepts and create someting of your own.

From each of my lessons I would like you to learn something that you can take right away and conquer in a few practice sessions. I´ll show you what to play (scales, arpeggios, chords) and how to play (expression, vibrato, bends and special effects) so you can have a good artistic result. I have developed a unique and effective method for learning  all scales, chords  and arpeggios all over the neck.

I would like, if possible, to guide you through the learning process via regular lessons across a extended period of time; this will allow you to get the most value out of my instruction.

I use my lesson materials to give an extra  written support of the content for the lesson. and for the student to review after. Sometimes I give written materials as howework for the student to learn for the next lesson after being sure the student has understood the concept and can learn  it on his own.

Depending on the theme of the lesson I will provide backing audio tracks.