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Oboe, Recorder
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Jelena has more than 7 years' teaching experience with children and adults. She teaches classical music and free improvisation. She is also a concert musician touring in Europe. Currently she is starting her Master's degree at Berklee College of Music.

Music Education:

Berklee College of Music, Valencia, Spain, graduation 2017
            - Master program: Contemporary performance with production concentration starting in fall 2016
Konservatorium Privatuniversitet Wien, Austria  2010/2011
            - finished one year of Master studies
Graduated at Academy of Music, Ljubljana, Slovenia
            - titles:   Academic Musician Oboist (av. grade 9,56/10) in June 2009
                              Professor of Oboe (av. grade 9,37/10) in September 2010
Academy of fine arts in Novi Sad, Serbia 2004 - 2006


Jazz Summer School, Amsterdam, Netherlands (July 2008)
Dartington Summer School, England (2005, 2006)
            - both years on scholarship

Work experience:

Music school Postojna, Slovenia (from September 2009 - )
            - teaching oboe and block flute
            - conducting and teaching wind orchestra
            - writing and adapting arrangements for wind orchestra and chamber music ensembles
            - promoted to the title of adviser (from July 2015 - )
            - student’s achievements in competitions:
                        2 gold plaques on International competition Davorin Jenko in Serbia,
                        1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze plaque at Slovenia National Competitions TEMSIG
                        4 gold and 1 silver plaque at Regional competitions of Primorska
Wind orchestra Krka, Novo Mesto, Slovenia (from 2012 - )
            - playing the first oboe
            - CD issued in 2015
            - 1st prize in excellence category on Flicorno d’Oro competition 2015, Italy
Chamber music theater Ogledalo (2005 - 2006)
            - leading music workshops with children and people with special needs


PostArt Ensemble (2012 - )
            - author and composer of the project, playing oboe and piano
            - published CD in 2014
            - 3 summer tours across middle Europe (years 2013, 2014, 2015)
Natemago (2013 - ) Balkan and Oriental ethnic music
            - oboe and traditional flute (kaval) player and singer
            - Series of performances for Slovenian Ethnographic Museum (January 2015)
Site specific performance InSiTu (June 2015)
            - wrote and performed music
Orchestra Lege Artis - soloist and conductor assistant  (2014 - 2015)
Oboe - piano classical duo with Snježana Pleše Žagar (since 2013 - )
wrote Piazzolla arrangements for wind quintet Quintologia
            - the first performance on Festival of Street Performers in Novi Sad, Serbia (September 2012)


-with band Orkestar “Gradovi Utočišta” for album Gradovi Utočišta (year 2013)
-with slovenian pop jazz musician Gal Gjurin on album Duša in telo (year 2012)

Oboe competitions:

1st prize and laureate - Davorin Jenko international competition, Serbia  (March 2011)
2nd prize - OFF competition, Slovenia (April 2009)
2nd prize - Davorin Jenko international competition, Serbia (March 2009)
1st prize - Davorin Jenko international competition, Serbia (March 2007)
1st prize - Davorin Jenko international competition, Serbia (March 2004)
2nd prize - Serbian national music competition (April 2003)
1st prize - Serbian national music competition (April 2001)

My main goal is to try and activate students' inner motivation. I see it as a key for learning and understanding of new material. It gives the student drive to practice and enjoy playing the instrument and not seeing it as just an extra activity. 

Nevertheless I put a lot of emphasis on technique and healthy posture. The better techinque we have, the easier it is to express our ideas musically. The same goes with music theory. We can't read a second language if we haven't studied the rules, just as we can't enjoy fully the beauty of music if we don't understand its basic principles.