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Flute, Saxophone
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My name is Lígia Silva and I'm a flutist and saxophonist.

I started learning the flute 18 years ago and have not stopped playing since then. I've completed my degree in ESMAE (Porto, Portugal) as a classical instrumentist and later did a Master degree in musical teaching, specialized in flute teaching in UA (University of Aveiro, Portugal). I've also studied in Antwerp Conservatorium, under the ERASMUS programm.

As a flutist I've a lot of experience in small ensemble playing, solo playing and wind bands.

In the last 5 years I've been evolving as a saxophonist and embraced the tenor saxophone and the jazz as a new challenge. This year I'll complete a bachelor in Jazz -Saxophone, also in ESMAE, in Porto, where I live. At this moment I keep both instruments in shape and try to alternate between them in diferent projects.

I've also started composing my own songs as you can see in my recent videos. That has been a new exciting world!

My main language is portuguese but I can also speak and understand english easily. 

I've been working as a flute teacher for the past 8 years, that has been my main job.  I teach mainly young kids from ages between 7 and 18, in a public school, specialized in music. I'm able to teach flute to complete begginers and intermediates. My major project in my Master degree was about adult development and flute teaching to adults, so I'd be happy to teach students of any age. I'm also flexible in concern of repertoire and personal expectations of each student. Classical, jazz, pop, world music... I believe the student is the one who chooses his way . The theacher should facilitate that way, while still offering challenges and showing new possibilities.

As a saxophone teacher, my experience is limited to the last 2 years. I've had a few begginer students, mainly in the jazz genre, in private lesson regim. I'm confortable teaching saxphone to begginers, at any age, both classical or jazz music.