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Dr. Meg Griffith explores the connections between our music, our minds, and our bodies through flute and yoga. Through these connections, she finds the healthiest way to perform and practice. Her approach to teaching and performing has helped many discover better focus, avoid anxiety, and resolve issues with physical pain.

As a performer, Meg has received several awards and honors as a modern and Baroque performer, including first prize at the Chicago Flute Club National Chamber Competition, placement as a semi-finalist in the National Flute Association’s Baroque Young Artist Competition, Honorable Mention in the Respighi Prize Music Competition and a winner of the Texas Tech University Concerto Competition with the Jolivet Concerto.  Her passion for new music and support of new composers through commissioning projects has led to five World Premieres. Her Carnegie Hall debut received critical acclaim from the New York Concert Review: “…an excellent flutist…playing at breakneck speed…facility with total control;” Meg “radiated calm serenity and impressionistic colors, giving…a fine opportunity to exhibit her beautiful, singing tone.”

Meg is a founding member and partner of Whole Musician, a collective of five uniquely experienced flutists collaborating to offer unparalleled intensive retreats addressing the mental, physical, and musical demands placed on the 21st century performer. To this end, Meg has her 200-hour certification in Hatha and Ashtanga yogas which she incorporates into her musical and pedagogical life.  She offers Yoga for Musicians classes geared toward simplifying and solidifying the physical and mental practices of artists.  Her approach reflects our need for awareness, compassion, and love for ourselves and others, especially within our musical community.  Meg helps each individual build their personal foundation for calm and clear problem solving and full appreciation and focus on the moment, both within the asana itself and within musical workshops in connection with movement.

She has presented workshops and performed at the Canadian Flute Festival, the British Flute Society’s Convention, and the National Flute Association’s Annual Convention. In addition to performing, Meg has been actively involved in service as Assistant Program Chair of the National Flute Association’s 2011 Convention and the President and Industry/Commercial Liaison of the Texas Flute Society. She now serves on the Archives and Oral History Committee of the NFA.

Past teachers include Dr. Mary Karen Clardy (University of North Texas; B.M.), Professor John Heiss (Boston University; M.M.), and Dr. Lisa Garner Santa (Texas Tech University; D.M.A.).  On traverso, she has worked with Dr. Jed Wentz of Amsterdam, Dr. Na’ama Lion of Harvard and the Longy Institute, and Dr. Lee Lattimore of the University of North Texas.

She currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Flute at Texas Wesleyan and Southwestern Adventist Universities.

Teaching has presented many beautiful opportunities to explore all types of learning needs and interests.  Every student presents different needs and abilities, and I love discovering how to appropriately challenge and inspire each individual through a mixture of clear verbal instruction and physical and aural demonstration.

Options for lesson direction include flute fundamentals and repertoire, our physical approach to the flute, performance practices and interpretation of all style periods such as early music approaches on modern flute, anxiety and focus, ease of technique and maximum resonance, and avoiding pain and injury.

Together, we continually explore and add to our knowledge of music’s foundation and background which encourages all to interpret information creatively and independently, rather than to simply follow instructions with no true understanding.  I want to hear your interpretation and your voice in the music!

Overall, my main desire is to support and balance educational needs and enjoyment.  Lessons present a variety of challenges both mentally and physically, but I strive to keep the level of difficulty appropriate while providing encouragement with ample humor and laughter.  Especially laughter. We tend to laugh a lot.