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Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Songwriting
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Nat Baldwin is an accomplished improvisational musician, an acclaimed songwriter and composer, and a sought-after instrumentalist. Before joining Dirty Projectors in 2005, Baldwin studied avant-garde jazz and improvisation with Anthony Braxton. In addition to releasing recordings under his own name and his ongoing work with Dirty Projectors, Baldwin has performed on recordings with Grizzly Bear, Vampire Weekend, and Department of Eagles. Baldwin's 2011 album People Changes inspired Pitchfork to write, "…whether Baldwin is singing with his throat or his bow, there's a thrilling feeling of freedom to it all."


It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience to become a great musician, but it also takes imagination. You are your best teacher. I want to give students the tools necessary to discover their own path. I encourage students to take risks! With that said, I also love teaching the basics, the foundation we all need to begin. I want to make the seemingly tedious work more fun, the monotony more musical. I do not use a specific method with all students, but rather, I develop an individualized plan with each student based on their own unique abilities and interests. Ultimately, I want to give students the best chance to maximize their potential, while making sure they enjoy the hard work along the way.