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Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rock Guitar, Metal Guitar, Audition Prep from Berklee Alumni
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Ryan Carraher is a 22-year old guitarist, composer and educator with a unique improvisational and compositional approach. He has a degree in guitar performance from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is also the recipient of the Berklee guitar department achievement award. 

Ryan started his musical journey at the age of eleven, and two years later began playing live in the northern New Jersey and New York scenes where he composed and performed jazz, fusion, rock, metal, classical and electronic music. His goal is to create honest, contemporary sounds that are illuminating, captivating and recreate the massive epiphany one experiences when hearing music for the first time. 

He has played with many notable artists including: Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Heath, Leslie West, Grand Funk Railroad, Pete Best, Joe Lynn Turner, Adrian Belew, Sly and the Family Stone, Ours, George Thorogood, Paul Rodgers, The Fab Faux, John Wetton, and Napoleon Murphy Brock.

He has been a featured soloist in many renowned venues such as: B.B Kings Blues Club (NYC), The Morristown Community Theater (to a sold out crowd of 1,200 people), the Highline Ballroom and the Bergen PAC.

In his spare time, Ryan creates experimental electronic music under the name "Flutes in a Vaccum". He released his debut jazz/fusion record "Vocturnal" in March of 2016


"Ryan is a modern guitar virtuoso.  Having been a former student of mine, I noticed even at his first lesson that he has "the gift" and he would be a great player if not one of "the greats".  Having an outstanding work ethic, a humble attitude, combined with his musical and physical abilities the sky is the limit for him."  -Derryl Gabel

"Dude! You're killin! Definitely motivating me to keep learning new concepts. Keep up the great work!"  -Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders)

"Definitely someone to watch, Carraher has made a real statement with 'Vocturnal'; there is surely much more music to come from this highly talented player and composer."  -Budd Kopman All About Jazz.com

"Your content online is beyond helpful! They are gold mate! I have stopped playing the guitar but when I heard you, I was inspired to pick it up again! Your sound is fresh and I love it!" -JC (Student)

Throughout my 8 years of teaching, I have gained experience in multiple teaching styles. I have had students that are complete beginners, and I usually approach them by giving them something they can play easily, something that they enjoy and will inspire them to practice and come back for more lessons. My more advanced students usually come to me with specific goals in mind or specific questions, I am able to answer these questions thoroughly and efficiently and am able to construct a practice method which will allow my students to reach their goals. It is very important to me that I help my students discover and devleop their own, unique sound.

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Meriç, Electric Guitar Student
February 11th, 2016