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Drums, Music Theory
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"Slaven has passion, style, grace, and is always focused on the MUSIC. I'm a fan."   

-Dave DiCenso

Slaven Ljujic is a versatile drummer, dedicated to groove, but also a passionate artist who insists on capturing the right atmosphere of any piece of music. Over the years of his growth, he has been exposed to many different influences, from jazz, blues, fusion, and funk to Balkan and Gypsy music. He has been characterized by artists he collaborates with as a "spiritus movens" of every project he participates in. As a Berklee College of Music graduate, he had a chance to meet and work with some of the most recognized artists of today such as Vinx, Dave DiCenso, Marko Djordjevic, Neal Smith, Ralph Peterson, Mark Walker and many others. He was probably most influenced by Vinx De' Jon Parrette (acclaimed singer, percussionist and songwriter) with whom he has worked a number of times (New York City Summer Concert Series at Riverside Park, Soul Kitchen sessions, Vocal Summit Sessions, guest on the upcoming CD). Among other artists Slaven has played with are: Clarence Spady (at “Terra Blues”, NY), Corey Glover from “Living Colour”, Dolette McDonald (rock/blues guitar artist, backing vocalist for Sting, Eric Normand). He has recorded drums on five albums, for Montenegrin composer and guitar player Kristijan Djuranovic (I Speak, 2013), Boston-based blues artist John Hyland ( Johnny Fury, 2014), Boston-based Berklee teacher Larry Watson (Prescriptions) and Virginia Rubino. He is also a guest drummer on Vinx`s upcoming album The American Crooner. He currently performs with Boston-based singer-songwriter Katarina Pejak.

As a Berklee College of Music graduate, I studied with some of the greatest drummers in the world. After four years of that experience I was able to create my own teaching method. 

The first thing I like to do with a new student is to hear him/her play the groove along to the music, or just to hear student play a simple drum groove...This way I can hear the student's unique sound, feel his/her time, and see his/her technique! After that, I prefer to set up "goals" with the student and establish what the student wants to achieve.  

Every student gets a personalized program and approach from me. After every class I like to give a listening assignment to the student but also specific technical exercises. I like to put an accent on playing along to the music and getting deeper into the style of music that is assigned. 

I think it is very important to organize the lesson in a way that makes it the most effective for the student. Students interested in many styles of music (jazz, funk, rock, blues, Latin, Gypsy...) can count on being able to learn more about each one.

Wilcoxon-All American Drummer

Syncopation by Ted Reed

How to Incorporate drum rudiments on the drum set- private material collection

Chart Reading- private material collection 

Reviews of lessons with Slaven Ljujic

Slaven was great! I am a beginner and he gave me a sample lesson which interested me right away to continue learning. He knows a lot about technique and he is a very good teacher !
June 28th, 2016