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I am twenty five years old and have been playing guitar for half of my life. Music is my passion, it is what I do, and it is who I am. I am on my own musical journey as is anyone who has experienced music.  After a year of playing guitar, I was asked to teach my own former guitar teachers granddaughter. With little hesitation and a lot of ignorance I jumped into this musical path that led me to teach students all over the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Here I would gain the confidence and ability to connect with students and hone my teaching style.

My journey has taken me too many places, including Los Angeles, where in 2009 I moved to purse my bachelor’s degree in guitar performance from The Musicians Institute (MI). During my time at MI I played in various bands around the area and have taught privately in my Hollywood studio as well as at local Los Angeles music schools. This was a great period of growth where I would be able to master the skills taught by MI and pass the knowledge to my students.

I have since graduated from MI and am humbly pursing my career in music. This now includes teaching, live playing, session work, composing, and producing. One of the best things in the world is to be able to do what you love for a living and I am grateful for this every day. I love sharing my passion for music with others and love to “nerd” out on anything music related! I look forward to being a part of your musical journey!

I always teach what the student or parent request the child to learn. I want to help the sparked interest that is already inside to keep the student engaged. My goal is to get the student practicing regularly and without effort. I want the student to find value in playing for themselves. I also am able to teach strict and disciplined guitar playing if the student wants to go this route. All students are unique and thus everyone needs to be taught slightly different. I am patient and always try and encourage my student to be the best players they can be. I love teaching, stylistically (blues, classical, rock, pop, r&b, latin, metal), reading music for guitar, speed techniques, theory, harmony, chart reading, chord and scale mastering, jazz harmony, and of course I will help you learn any song from your favorite artist! Take a trial lesson with me and I will be happy to discuss what you would like to learn and goals that I can help you accomplish.

Reviews of lessons with Stewart Tuttle

Awesome teacher! Got me over some of the frustrating hurdles I couldn't overcome on my own. Thank you!
Stephanie Berizka, Verified Student
March 28th, 2017