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Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Keyboard, Musical Theater, Songwriting, Piano, Voice, Music Theory
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I am a Certified Music Educator in the State of Maryland, and hold an Advanced Professional Certificate in Vocal/General Music for Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  I have been teaching General and Vocal music in the Howard County, Maryland Public School System for 15 years, and have had the privilege to teach high school level courses in classroom Guitar (Levels I-IV/Honors), classroom Piano, Music Theory, Music Technology I and II , and middle school level General Music. 

In addition, I have taught private guitar, piano, percussion, and voice lessons for over 20 years in my own home studio, and through the Ellicott City, MD Music & Arts retail location.


I earned my BS in Music Therapy at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, graduating Summa Cum Laude, with classical guitar as my major instrument.  I studied guitar with Daniel Estrem and Dan Sturm while at Augsburg.  I also studied voice and violin.

I have a Masters Degree in Religion from Gettysburg Seminary and worked as a full-time church musician for over 10 years, becoming a sought-after clinician, consultant, and speaker on the subject of contemporary music in worship.  I authored and co-authored 4 books on the subject.

I earned additional graduate-level Music Education credits at Towson University in Towson, Maryland,  and through Duquesne University, focusing on classroom guitar pedagogy.


I have been a busy performer for decades, and remain active in the singer/songwriter, coffeehouse, and house concert circuits of the Mid-Atlantic region.  I am especially proud of earning an Artist-in-Residency in composing for guitar at one of America's National Parks, Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior.   Additionally, I have directed my musical energies to wolf conservation organizations, and have shared my multi-media musical presentations at National Wildlife Refuges and wolf conservancies up and down the east coast.

Having written and published hundreds of songs and compositions for guitar, piano, and choir in my lifetime, and have won both opportunities and awards for my music.   I have recorded 4 full albums of original music as well as an EP. 

Currently, my husband and I perform under the name Beechgrove & Blacksmith.  Hear us on Soundcloud.  I also have my own Soundcloud page, and you can learn more about my music at www.terribocklund.com.



My vision is that all my students become life-long musicians who will still be in love with and playing their instrument 30 years from now.   I do this through customizing the method and the repertoire for each student.

I choose a method series that will match my goals (to help my students become real musicians)  with the student's musical preferences help guide the selection of repertoire for accomplishing skill-building, technique, and tone  production so that practicing is exciting, not a chore.


I enjoy teaching beginners through advanced intermediate, and believe that piano instruction should include a well-rounded method resource, theory, work in scales/cadences/arpeggios, chord construction, and playing music in a variety of styles and genres from classical to jazz and pop.  My students learn to read both standard notation as well as to improvise from a lead sheet or a lyric chart.


I enjoy teaching all levels of guitar in the genres of classical, rock and blues, folk, pop, and country.  I believe that guitar instruction should include a well-rounded method resource, theory, work in scales and chord/key families, and should include (at the minimum) note reading to the fifth fret on all strings and note-name proficiency to the 12th fret on the 6th and 5th strings.  Strumming and fingerstyle techniques are equally important, and can be incorporated into a repertoire of songs that match the student's musical preferences.