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I have a played drums for 17 years, guitar for 5 years and voice for 4 years. I have a bachelor's degree in music, and my teaching certificate in the state of Oklahoma. I taught public school from 2009 to 2012 and have taught private lessons since 2004. I have recorded several full length studio albums and actively record at my home studio for clients around the globe. I currently instruct drums and beginning guitar students at my local music store. I organize and conduct yearly concerts for my students and I'm preparing for an original studio project that students will complete in 2015. I love to watch my students grow, learn and expand their knowledge and love for music. It is a privilege to be able to impact peoples lives through music.

My fiancée and I are proud parents of two cute kitties named Osiris and Isis. They are the cutest cats in the world....most of the time ;-) We are also avid concertgoers. We've seen Metallica, Godsmack, Stone Sour (We met the band :) and I have to say that the drummer Roy Mayorga was the coolest, nicest person I have ever met), Slipknot (Joey Jordison was my drum idol for most of my youth, and Corey Taylor my idol in adulthood), Avenged Sevenfold (RIP REV), Deftones, Korn (Ray Luzier is crazy good!), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Chad Smith is a hilarious. ridiculous drummer), Seether, Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, In This Moment, Rob Zombie, Staind, Linkin Park, and many others. The feeling that you get listening to your favorite songs performed live, jumping up and down, screaming at the top of your lungs is a one of a kind euphoria I'll always enjoy.

Even though I just named a bunch of rock bands, my musical tastes are fairly wide. I love the singer-songwriter genre, pop music, folk, blue grass, country, latin, jazz, blues, hip hop, etc. I appreciate all kinds of music and the art and interpretation they bring to the world.

Everything I do is based around what is best for you. I will design a lesson curriculum based on your goals, needs and wants. I'm here for you.

For beginning students, we typically focus on drum set coordination through exercises in Alfred's Beginning Drumset Method book. This book helps you accomplish 5 things: How to read drumset music, standard rhythm notation, play drum beats and fills, keep time and play songs. Typically, students also work out of Elementary Drum Method book by Roy Burns. This book focuses on snare drum exercises which reinforces rhythm reading skills, timing and technique. As you progress, we may pull work from other resources and learn various songs that tests the limits of your ability.

I will work with intermediate to advanced students to set specific goals and pathways to achievement. This may include songs, exercises, online resources, discussions, etc.

During my lessons, you are playing your instrument nearly the entire time. The lesson time is used to foster and develop your abilities, not to showcase my playing abilities. I've seen too many lessons where the teacher is playing their instrument almost the entire lesson.

In nearly all my lessons, we read music. There are some good reasons that we do this. Here are a few:

Reading music is a great skill to have. It gives you the ability to learn musical instruments more quickly

It gives you something tangible to refer to in between lessons

It reinforces the cognitive learning process by giving your brain visual input to go along with the aural and kinesthetic input

I have found that lessons centered around written music are much more productive than lessons without music.

I will do my best to help you achieve your goals. That is the precise reason why I am here.


For beginner lessons, we'll use both the Alfred's Beginner Drumset (you can also purchase the version that comes bundled with a DVD) and Roy Burns Elementary Drum Method books. Before you purchase either of these books, please confirm with me that we'll start at these levels for your given age and skill.