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Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Upright Bass, Drums, Flute, Trombone, Piano, Voice
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I'm a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist that specializes in organizing small groups from individual students, focusing on collaboration as the primary learning tool.  I started on the flute in the 3rd grade, moved to low brass (trombone/euphonium/tuba/sousaphone) in middle school and started playing the rhytm instruments (bass/guitar/keyboard/drums) in highschool and college.  I've been singing, writing and recording sporadicaly throughout 28 years in music.  My personal passion (when I'm not teaching/facilitating) is a specific branch of just intonation that focuses only on the natural harmonic (overtone) series in the positive.  To this end I mostly play a 25 ft garden hose with a brass mouthpiece called the hosamaphone along with an open tuned guitar and a computer/keyboard interface.

I prefer to teach what the student is interested in stylistically and focus on the interface between people (student/teacher but preferalbly student/student) to generate the interest and creativity that makes music interesting and fun.  Being a multi-instrumentalist is quite useful for this because I can fill any hole in any combination of players, at least in the world of western equal-tempered music.  I've lead ensembles from a cappella on the vocal side to big band on the instrumental side with most of my experience falling in the more usual rock band type combinations. I'm really a band teacher/choir director more than private lesson specialist and am looking for students who's main priority are online collaboration at any level.  This can be anything from jazz combos to vocal ensembles with special perks for folks who want to sing and/or play in just intonation.