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Drums, Improv
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Drummer Yogev Gabay, born and raised in Israel is a Berklee College of Music alumni currently based in Boston. Yogev has played in venues and festivals all over the world including Israel, India, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Russia, Italy, USA and many more. Over the years, Yogev recorded, performed and been a part of numerous albums, EP's, sessions, singles, tours and more. Yogev is an active player in many genres from Metal (Distorted Harmony, ARP, HAGO), to Jazz (Sivan Arbel Septet, Emil Afrasiyab), Electro Pop (SHEER, RINI), Experimental (Kundalini), Funk Pop (Shmemel), World Music (Shiran Avraham, Tamar Shuki) and many more. As a Berklee alumni, Yogev also prepares students for the Berklee audition. Yogev is also proudly endorsed by Meinl Cymbals.

My teaching style is very unorthodox though very, very thorough. I'm self taught for the most part, and believe that old-school methods and teaching perspectives are less relevant for the modern musician. I deal a lot with polyrhythms, time, sound, odd time signatures, improvisation and sight-reading. I'm a big believer in the "practice makes perfect" idea but have my own perspective on practicing and productive listening.